The last bell has rung

The last bell has rung
The last bell has rung

43 thousands of Moscow graduates say goodbye to school today. The last bell has sounded for them!

The last bell has sounded

43 thousand Moscow schoolchildren will become adults today

It was for so many 11th grade students that the last bell rang today. The children were seen off into adulthood by at least 2 million relatives and friends. In addition, about 70,000 more ninth-grade students will leave school to continue their secondary education in colleges, vocational schools and technical schools.

Today began in hundreds of Moscow schools with solemn rulers, where, according to the good old tradition, tall guys from the senior classes carried first-grader girls on their shoulders, who had a bell in their hands. And as it already happened with their parents, the hearts of graduates ached with sadness. Today they had the last lessons, ahead of the exams, and then the graduation ball and the final farewell to the school.

In two days, the guys are waiting for the exam. The certificate of its results will be valid only until December 2011, and if former students fail to enter universities during this period, they will have to retake the exams.

23−24 June Moscow will walk half the night. Traditional proms will take place these days, and on June 25 a special Ball will be held for gold and silver medalists. And soon the sadness due to parting with the school will be replaced by the delight of entering a new, adult stage of life.

Fun college years ahead!

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