Hypnosis helped to lose weight

Hypnosis helped to lose weight
Hypnosis helped to lose weight

When Susie is asked how she managed to lose weight so quickly, she replies: "I exercised … In my sleep!"

hypnosis helps to lose weight

Hypnotherapy helped this woman lose three sizes in just a month

When friends ask Susie Gibbs about how she managed to lose weight so quickly, she replies with a smile: “I played sports … In my sleep!” At least one woman in the world can certainly claim that hypnosis has helped her lose weight.

Susie has been gaining weight for a long time and consistently, it started after she stopped going to the gym and failed with some diets. When the doctor told the woman that she was at risk of getting back pain for the rest of her days if she did not lose weight, the mother of two children decided on a radical step - hypnotherapy.

She let the hypnotist put her to sleep. And during the hypnosis session, Susie imagined how she goes in for sports - she runs a marathon, works hard on simulators and performs various aerobic exercises.

According to Suzy, in a month her weight decreased by six and a half kilograms, but the woman was not going to quit the sessions. She soon lost two more kilos. It is curious that the most important changes in Susie's life occurred after just three sessions of hypnosis.

Now this Englishwoman listens to a CD of hypnotic sessions every night before going to bed. The Exercise in Your Sleep program has been so effective that Susie has already strengthened her abdominal muscles and has an enviable flat stomach. And the metabolic processes have increased, and this allows her not to limit herself in food too strictly and continue to lose weight under hypnosis.

Source:News Yahoo

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