From puffy legs to chiseled legs

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From puffy legs to chiseled legs
From puffy legs to chiseled legs

Swelling of the legs is the sacrifice that many women have to pay for harmony and attractiveness. To enhance the effect of slender legs, we wear shoes with high heels and stilettos.

From swollen legs to chiseled legs

Swelling of the legs is the sacrifice that many women have to pay for harmony and attractiveness. To enhance the effect of slender legs, we wear shoes with high heels and stilettos. But why, according to someone's invented law, if it arrives somewhere, then it must leave somewhere else?

According to official statistics, swelling of the legs and, as a result, heaviness and fatigue is observed in half of the fair sex. Moreover, these unpleasant symptoms can be observed both in women who are constantly on their feet, and in those who have a sedentary job. What processes lead to the appearance of edema?

In fact, there are many factors that cause leg swelling. The first is a decrease in elasticity and an increase in the permeability of blood vessels. The result of such “looseness” is the penetration of excess fluid into the tissues. The second case is close to the first - due to constant loads, the valve system of the veins begins to work poorly. The speed of blood flow decreases, its stagnation begins (as a rule, in the lower extremities, from where it is most difficult for the blood flow to rise). The body has no choice but to again pass excess fluid through the vessels into the tissues. This is how varicose veins occur.

The third situation can be called paradoxical. These are meat-restricted diets. In an effort to lose weight in this way, women fall into another trap set by nature. The level of protein in the blood decreases, which leads to a change in pressure in the vessels and they cease to retain water. Outcome - puffiness. And as we know, edema is the beginnings of the future cellulite, which we are trying hard to get rid of by fasting.

In general, swelling of the legs indicates impaired circulation of lymph and blood, which can also occur due to water-s alt imbalance. In this case, the cellular fluid goes into the intercellular space and does not allow the lymph to perform its direct task - to remove toxins and waste products (metabolic products). Hence swelling, fatigue and pain. Uncomfortable shoes, heels only intensify these processes.

What are we poor things to do? Is it possible to give up high heels, this effective "weapon" to attract male eyes? Yeah, now run away! With the advent of a special cosmetic complex GUAM, the problem of leg swelling has narrowed to a microscopic size.

Anti-varicose bandages

The fight against swelling with tight wraps has long been known. However, the GUAM brand has maximized the effectiveness of this method. After all, "squeezing" water out of tissues for a long time will not solve the problem - it will soon return there. But if cold wraps are performed using bandages using a special cosmetic product, then the result will be long-term.

Concentrate contains: escin, menthol, GUAM algae extract, horse chestnut extract. During the first wrapping sessions, the bandages are completely saturated with the concentrate, and subsequently the agent is applied only to the middle of the bandage.

The technique of applying a bandage on the legs is quite simple - from the bottom up with medium tension. Therefore, it is easy to conduct sessions of getting rid of puffiness at home. The treatment course includes 11 sessions of 45 minutes each, held every other day. The effect will be noticeable within the first week.

Menthol and chestnut extract contained in the concentrate tones the tissues. Algae extract strengthens blood vessels and increases their elasticity, as well as enhances blood microcirculation. Stagnant processes in the tissues disappear. The water-s alt balance is restored, the relief of the skin is leveled.

Anti-cellulite cold wrap bandages are an excellent tool not only to remove puffiness, but also to get rid of cellulite and excess fat deposits in local areas.

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