Women began to expose their husbands more often via the Internet

Women began to expose their husbands more often via the Internet
Women began to expose their husbands more often via the Internet

More and more wives read their husbands' correspondence on Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Facebook, ICQ and Scape

Women are more likely to expose their husbands online

Scientists have discovered why some women become high-tech experts

Even those of the fair sex who do not need special IT skills, except for the usual ability for a modern person to open websites on the Internet, visit social pages and send mail, are now increasingly becoming very computer-savvy. This is not due to the desire to join the fascinating world of high technology, but with the desire to spy on their husbands.

It was yesterday that husbands posed as spies, disguising telephone conversations with their mistresses as business calls and hiding intimate notes in secret pockets. Today, the personal life of the stronger sex, as a rule, takes place on the Internet. And men are not at all so stupid as to consider their wives and girlfriends completely incapable of tracking their infidelities. That is why husbands go to various tricks and tricks.

For example, they change the properties of folders, prohibiting the viewing of hidden files. In this way, you can disguise photos of a sweet friend, and her letters and any other documents. Husbands regularly delete letters compromising them from their mailboxes, make sure that “suspicious” girls do not appear among their new friends on social pages.

But more wives are learning to expose their husbands. Now wives can also view hidden files, they regularly look at their spouses' mail basket, because they know that letters from there are not deleted immediately. And somewhere on Odnoklassniki you can track exactly who visited the page of your chosen one, if you, of course, have access there.

Well, the most tested means of verification is an Internet romance with your own husband under some fake nickname on a social page and with other people's photos of a sexier girl. One can only feel sorry for the cheater who goes on a date with this fake temptress.

Source:The Daily Telegraph

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