Tobacco Free Day

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Tobacco Free Day
Tobacco Free Day

31 May the world celebrates No Tobacco Day. Thousands of people in Russia are quitting smoking today

No Tobacco Day

31 May the world celebrates No Tobacco Day. Thousands of people in Russia are trying to quit smoking, only 5% of those who want to achieve the goal on their own

In Russia, smokers are not accustomed to turning to a doctor for help that would allow them to successfully quit this addiction. In addition, not everyone understands that for most smokers, smoking is not a habit, but a disease comparable in strength to heroin and cocaine addiction.

If you have already tried to quit smoking, but failed, it means that it is time for you to seek medical help to fight nicotine addiction.

Your doctor can give you helpful advice, support, and drug options. Even just consulting a doctor to quit smoking increases your chances of quitting by up to 30%3.

World No Tobacco Day is another opportunity to think about the need to quit smoking, about what you will get in return, namely: in a few hours the body will begin to cleanse itself of the toxins contained in tobacco, and over time abstinence from smoking, having a beneficial effect on he alth, will reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and increase your life expectancy.

Smoking is the leading cause of early death - a cause that can and should be eliminated. In Russia, 910 people die every day as a result of the effects of smoking, which is equivalent to 38 deaths per hour.

We wish you that the terrible statistics above never become a reality for you, and timely advice from a doctor and a timely decision to quit smoking help to avoid the terrible consequences of smoking for you and your loved ones.

Respectfully, Sakharova G. M., MD, Professor, WHO expert on the European Strategy for Tobacco Control and the Expert Council on Tobacco Control of the State Duma

Belousov Yu. B, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member. RAMS, President of the Russian Society of Therapists

Karpov Yu.A., Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Chairman of the Moscow Scientific Society of Cardiology. A.L. Myasnikova, Director of the Institute

Clinical Cardiology, Federal State Institution Russian Cardiology Research and Production Complex of the Ministry of He alth and Social Development of the Russian Federation

Vertkin A.L., Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head of the National Scientific and Practical Society for Emergency Medicine

Project CHA-10-14 Pfizer initiated this letter

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