Recommendations for curvy women

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Recommendations for curvy women
Recommendations for curvy women

Don't be shy about your figure: correctly assess your flaws and emphasize your strengths!

Tips for curvy women

Don't be shy about your figure, you just need to correctly assess your shortcomings and emphasize your strengths

Buy your size. Don't try to fit into the pre-birth size. Choose clothes that suit you now.

Get shapewear,slimming tights and of course the perfect bra.

Never wear baggy clothes. Bulky clothes will only make you look fatter. Give preference to things with an underlined waist. The jacket should reach the hip line. In skirts and trousers, the hip should be clearly defined.

Wear a skirt just below the knee. This skirt will make your legs look slimmer, especially if you wear heels. If you still like shorter skirts (only slightly above the knee is acceptable), wear them only with high boots, but not with ankle boots. Short ankle boots are best worn with trousers.

Choose things with a V-neck,the first button of a jacket or cardigan should be fastened at the waist - this lengthens the neck and figure in general. Long beads accentuate the effect.

For full legs you need stable heels,and not thin stilettos and glass heels. Plunging cut shoes elongate the leg.

If you are small, you need to carefully approach the choice of patterns. Choose delicate patterns: medium-sized rhombus, "chicken's foot" or floral ornament of a non-contrasting range.

Keep your scale in everything - bags, jewelry, button sizes, watches. There is nothing more comical than a large woman with a small handbag or a dress with a small flower. Against the background of small details, you will look bigger than you really are.

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