Princess Tamina - Gemma Arterton

Princess Tamina - Gemma Arterton
Princess Tamina - Gemma Arterton

Princess Tamina's biography is impressive with the number of coincidences and "accidental" luck.

Princess Tamina - Gemma Arterton

Coincidence star Gemma Arterton

The mistress of the heart of the Persian Prince Dastan, Princess Tamina, performed by the young, but already shining star Gemma Arterton, conquers the world's screens.

Everyone has already admired Arterton in the continuation of the James Bond film "Quantum of Solace", in the crime thriller "Rock and Roll" and the touching story about radio pirates "Rock Wave". Her place on the screen seems well-deserved to everyone, but few people know that Gemma was brought to the sparkling world of the film business not so much by undoubted talent as by a series of amazing coincidences.

Six fingers and one wrinkled ear

Future film actress Gemma Christina Arterton was born on January 12, 1986 in Gravesend, Kent, southeast England. She became the first child of a poor Arterton family, where her father was a welder and her mother was a cleaner. The girl was named Gemma, which in English means gem. The name came in handy: baby Gemma was born with six fingers on her hands, and one of her ears was wrinkled - the stone needed to be cut.

Genetic trifles were eliminated in infancy: British surgeons removed extra fingers and straightened the ear. The effects of their work are now virtually invisible to millions of eyes.

At seven years old, Gemma entered Gravesend's Grammar School for Girls, Peelam Road, and almost from then on, she cut herself. From the age of 11, she began attending theater arts courses, and at 16 she left school altogether.

After leaving school, Gemma went to college in 2004, but immediately realized that ordinary education was not for her. After studying for only a few months, she received a grand, and left college to continue her education at one of the most famous in the world (and the oldest in Britain) theater schools - the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Three years later, Gemma graduated from the academy with a bachelor's degree. Then she did not yet know what a rapid rise awaits her in the very near future.

Rise in one year

Gemma's debut on the set took place during her studies at the Academy. She landed a role in the British TV series Capturing Mary. She had a small role as a girl named Lisa. But then Gemma did not attach importance to this experience. She wanted to act on stage.

Immediately after the release, at the end of 2007, her theatrical debut took place. She played a role on the stage of the famous Globe Theater in London. Her first role was Rosalind from Shakespeare's play Love's Labour's Lost. But Arterton did not have a chance to stay on the theater stage for a long time and seriously. Almost immediately, she received an offer to try herself for the role of Kelly Jones in the film "Classmates", directed by Oliver Parker, who recently hit the film "Dorian Gray", and before that he shot the world-famous series "Poirot".

This is where the series of accidents begins, which eventually brought Gemma Arterton to the top of the cinematic Olympus. At the end of the casting, the director settled on the candidacy of Sienna Miller. However, Siena refused at the last moment, because she suddenly shifted the filming schedule for the film "Forbidden Love". As a result, the creators had no choice but to offer the role to Gemma Arterton.

A solid fee and a captivating script and the opportunity to work on the set with such British film stars as Stephen Fry and Colin Firth outweighed the love of the theater in Gemma's aspirations, and she accepted the offer.

The film was a very impressive success. It grossed nearly $53 million in theaters around the world against a $13.5 million budget. But far from the first work and not the second work in a big movie made Arterton famous. And this, one might guess, was helped by chance.

After Odnoklassnits, Gemma accepts two more offers. In the same 2007, she starred in the comedy-drama "Three to Take Off" and in one of the episodes of the series "The Living Book of Jane Austen". Perhaps soon Arterton would have returned to the theater if her agent had not advised her to take part in the casting of the film "Quantum of Solace" for the role of the James Bond girl.

Gemma appeared on the set of director Mark Foster ("Monster's Ball", "Character") and, not really counting on anything, did several takes with Daniel Craig. At the same time managed to get acquainted with Jerry Bruckheimer. Then Gemma will tell about this meeting: “Then we saw each other almost briefly, I didn’t even know if he remembered me.”

Gemma almost forgot about this event. At that moment, she received an offer to star in Guy Ritchie's film "Rock and Roll" and she was already taking part in the filming when she received a call and was told that she could play a role in "Quantum of Solace", but not as a "Bond girl"”, but a secret agent of British intelligence. Gemma's delight knew no bounds, although she did not know that she managed to bypass one and a half thousand candidates for this role, and that the reason for the decision in her favor was … the jealousy of Mark, Olga Kurylenko's boyfriend, who won the casting for the female lead.

The fact is that according to the plot, Bond (Daniel Craig) in the film was supposed to have an erotic scene with Camilla Montes (Olga Kurylenko). However, the jealous Mark set the condition that there should not be not only erotic scenes, but even the appearance of a nude in the frame. The script has been tweaked so that Bond gets into bed not with Camille, but with a female agent. In this regard, the role of Agent Fields was not taken by the most experienced or courageous actress in appearance, but by the sexiest one. Well, isn't that a fantastic coincidence?

The role of Agent Strawberry Fields brought Gemma Arterton a notoriety she could not have gotten from other British films. Offers just rained down on her, and she got the opportunity to choose the most expensive ones. And all this took her a little over a year after graduating from the academy.

Incredible success was, in addition, pleasantly complemented by the offer from Avon to become the face of the new perfume "Bond Girl 007". Surprisingly, do not rise jealousy hot Mark, would show off on the posters of Olga Kurylenko.

Goddess and princess

In the past two years alone, after a brilliant take-off in the film "Quantum of Solace", Gemma Arterton starred in six tapes. Among them are films completely unknown to the Russian audience, such as the short film "Perfect" by the director and Christopher Obi, and very well-known films such as "Rock Wave" and "Clash of the Titans".

"Clash of the Titans", by the way, does not look like a film that claims to be a cultural heritage. They messed everything up too much in terms of myths, they were too hasty (to the detriment of quality) to release the film in 3D. But the reason why Arterton took part in this tape seems undoubted. In Clash of the Titans, she plays the role of the goddess Io, punished by Zeus with the curse of eternal youth. Whatever you say, it's worth it. And in the film, thanks to Gemma, now there really is something to see. She is there, without exaggeration, divinely beautiful.

But her next role promises not only to look good on the list after the goddess, but also threatens to bring the name of Gemma Arterton to an absolutely unattainable height. This May, Gemma will appear on screen as Princess Tamina in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

In the new film, Arterton will appear as an eastern queen, the mistress of the sacred city of Alamut, where the powerful sands of time bound by the gods are hidden.

Gemma tells what she learned about participating in the project, early in the morning, lying in bed. The news so stunned her that she could not even immediately get up. “It was completely unreal,” says Gemma, “I sat on the bed and word by word scrolled through this news in my head. It turns out that it was not easy to accept the idea that you would soon become a princess.”

Curiously, another accident led Gemma to this role. In addition to her, Iranian movie star Golshift Farahani was invited to audition for the role of Tamina. But she could not arrive, the Iranian authorities detained the actress at the airport, because after filming in Ridley Scott's film Body of Lies, she was forbidden to leave the country by a court decision for six months. Miracles and more.

Both mounted and on foot

The film "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" really promises to be a real cinematic explosion. Budgeted at $150 million, it stars Donnie Darko and Brokeback Mountain star Jake Gyllenhaal and Oscar winner Sir Ben Kigsley and is directed by Mike Newell, former director of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. "".

But it wasn't just budget and big names that made Gemma Arterton a worthy reason to join the crew. She wanted to get this role, because from the very beginning it will be clear that this film will change everyone who takes part in it.

"When I went to the set to audition," says Gemma, "Mike (Newell) said that we would have to go through a lot of tests, the main one being the need to convince a lot of older and stronger people that I really strong enough and beautiful enough to do it." It was a challenge that any actor would be honored to accept.

The first part of filming took place in Morocco, in 50-degree heat, in the middle of the desert. Agree, it is not easy to show talent in such difficult conditions. But Gemma coped well, and, at the same time, got to know her heroine very well.

“Tamina is not just a girl with power,” Arterton describes her role, “her personality is very multifaceted. Yes, she is a high priestess, a princess, but she is also a tomboy and an adventurer. She is a real cocktail created by a magical waiter.”

But not only acting talent was required from Gemma on the set. She had to take many precautions, since she was the only girl who had to look perfect in the desert. Princess Tamina also travels by horseback, which required the female lead to master the basics of horseback riding. And it was especially difficult for Gemma.

"I've never ridden a horse before," laughs Gemma, "I had to learn from the beginning and failed a lot of takes before I could do tricks like jumping off and on a horse at full gallop. They even wanted to change the script to remove a few scenes with me, but I said "Don't worry! I can do it."

However, shooting the film "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" brought Gemma not only a test of her talent and physical abilities. On the set of the film, she met and began dating a young Spanish stuntman.

Being with people

The busy filming schedule leaves little to Gemma to lead the life of an ordinary person. But the actress is trying. She still loves the theater and says she loves being back on stage. In addition, Gemma loves Indian cinema and admires the Bollywood industry. “If I have the opportunity, I would like to film in all parts of the world, including India,” she says.

And she is not going to move to Hollywood yet. “I really love London,” says Gemma, “Besides, I just need to live in a place where I am constantly surrounded by ordinary people. After all, sometimes I just want to go to a pub. Are there any normal pubs left in Hollywood?”

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