Irina Khakamada: I have always done charity work

Irina Khakamada: I have always done charity work
Irina Khakamada: I have always done charity work

Always involved in charity - both when she was a deputy, and when money just appeared

Irina Khakamada: I have always been involved in charity work

I have always been involved in charity - both when I was a deputy, and when money or opportunities simply appeared. I still help one orphanage, but I do it quietly, as a private person

When you see on TV a report about the next charity evening, which brought together stars and oligarchs, do not rush to sneer contemptuously and say that all this is pure advertising at the expense of disadvantaged people.

Yes, guests come to such evenings dressed and combed, they listen to a wonderful concert, eat and communicate. They feel great because the whole event is made for them and exactly the way they like it. But at the same time, these stars and oligarchs donate a lot of money, and at such a bourgeois party they collect up to a million dollars. The main thing is that this money then goes to its intended purpose…

Recently, I myself was at such an event, in which a European charitable foundation invested. The money was donated to a St. Petersburg hospital where children with cerebral palsy are treated. So what does it matter if the guests arrive dressed up?

On the one hand, charity is on the rise, but, on the other hand, the system of social adaptation in our country is in a deplorable state. The state should deal with this, but everyone knows that practically nothing is being done for this in our country. Therefore, it remains to hope for individuals.

It's actually easy to help those in need. But this requires a strong and real desire, not vague intentions. If you really want to help and do not pretend to be advertising or some kind of gratitude, you will succeed.

Where to start? Many people say they don't trust charities. And in general, this is correct: if you do not know anything about the organizers, then you cannot be sure where the money will go. There are two ways out: either contact those funds that you are confident in (for example, the Podari Zhizn fund, which is supervised by Chulpan Khamatova, it helps seriously ill children), or help specific people. Then everything becomes easier. When there is a desire, you can always find those who need support. If you ask me who in our country needs help the most, I can't answer that question. In our country, it is foolish to even talk about this, because everyone who is unable to survive on their own needs help, because our state is not an assistant in this matter.

There are many destitute and unfortunate people who need help everywhere, so you can find something in your area, very close to home. Old people, disabled adults, lonely people, seriously ill children, orphans - all of them will be happy with any support. Children need clothes and toys, old people need medicine, TV and radio clips are constantly showing children in need of surgery and treatment… And if you are still worried about what your money will be spent on, buy clothes or medicine for a specific person. Then nothing will be lost.

A separate issue is orphans. Who need beautiful clothes, and cosmetics, and trips to the theater or to the circus. Yes, they need holidays where everyone comes cheerful, beautiful and colorful, and does not march in formation in the same clothes. But most of all they need a family - adoption or patronage.

I have always promoted the idea of ​​patronage, and, thank God, it became popular and went to work. Now, after all, it is not necessary to adopt a child, you can arrange custody of him, and then the state will pay your family a monthly allowance. It is thanks to patronage that in many countries there are no orphanages at all. The media spin stories about bloodthirsty foreigners who adopt our children and then mock them, but Russian families are no better. One thing is clear: there is a queue of foreigners for our disabled children, for whom raising a child and raising him to his feet is one of the ways of talking with God. But there is no queue from Russian families yet.

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