Our time: What has changed in 15 years?

Our time: What has changed in 15 years?
Our time: What has changed in 15 years?

Today it seems that mobile phones and the Internet have always been around. And it is quite difficult to remember how we lived…

Our time: What has changed in 15 years?


Today it seems that mobile phones, the Internet, the Odnoklassniki.ru website have always existed. And it's quite difficult to remember how we lived when there were only 6 television channels and no one heard about 3D films. So what has changed in these 15 years?

  • Russian stars begin to help those in need. Model Natalia Vodianova and actress Chulpan Khamatova support seriously ill children, and TV journalist Svetlana Sorokina writes books about charity.
  • Magazines and newspapers appear entirely devoted to the details of the life of stars. Initially, their quality leaves much to be desired, but over time they turn into colorful weeklies that sell millions of copies.
  • Paparazzi came to Russia. We have never known such details from the lives of celebrities! Who got married for the fifth time, and who divorced, who is cheating on his wife, and who, on the contrary, is touchingly faithful - we can learn all this from the Internet and the media. Stars have never been so willing to reveal secrets, inviting photographers to weddings, christenings and even to the hospital where their children are born.
  • Quite official sources of information. Almost all public people now have their own websites, and many blog on the Internet, talking about everything that happens in their lives. And social networks even offer a special service: they put badges on the page of the star, confirming that it really belongs to a famous person.


  • 3D. 3D elements were first used in Hollywood at the beginning of the 20th century, but a breakthrough has occurred in the last few years - more and more films are released in 3D, and every major cinema has halls equipped for 3D cinema.
  • The sequels to the most popular Soviet films are in vogue"The Irony of Fate", "Carnival Night", several films about the adventures of the Musketeers at once. And, although there is a lot of debate about the quality of these films, at the box office they are doing well.
  • Finally, high-quality Russian cartoons appear. "Luntik" and "Smeshariki" - for the little ones. A series about the adventures of Russian heroes Dobrynya Nikitich, Alyosha Popovich and Ilya Muromets - for those who are older. And besides this, "The Adventures of Alyonushka and Yerema", "Our Masha and the Magic Nut" - the list is impressive!

5 FILMS: the essentials



On March 4, 2006, the site odnoklassniki.ru was registered. For 4 years, social networks have become an integral part of our lives, and it is almost impossible to find a person who regularly uses a computer and is not registered in any of the social networks.

5 most popular social networks

  • odnoklassniki.ru

    The first Russian social network maintains a high rating. Using the site, you can find classmates, friends and colleagues in Russia and the CIS.

  • vkontakte.ru

    A website inspired by the American Facebook network in 2006. Many users do not visit the site from time to time, but simply "live" there.

  • mail.ru

    The objective of the My World network is to help you find classmates, acquaintances, colleagues, friends and relatives. Here you can communicate using private messages, post photos and videos, have a personal blog.

  • livejournal.com

    Here you can publish and read entries, as well as comment on them. Many famous people and even political parties have their own LJ.

  • facebook.com

    The American site started in 2004 and by 2010 had over 400 million active members worldwide. In 2009, the Russian-language version of the site was opened.

How did we live without it?!

  • Internet

    In 1994, an Internet site was first registered in the.ru zone: the World Wide Web came to Russia. Now modern 4G networks allow you to connect to the Internet almost anywhere in the world using a phone or modem.

  • Ebooks

    Once upon a time, libraries occupied the lion's share of the area in the apartment, today paper is giving way to e-books. They are compact, comfortable and do not create problems for low vision (the font can be easily enlarged).

  • Skype program

    2003 brought a revolutionary achievement in telephony - the free Skype program. With its help, you can call any country in the world, while the price will be incredibly low. Phone companies are extremely unhappy - for financial reasons.

  • Mobile communications

    15 years ago was a monstrously expensive and inconvenient pleasure. Few mobile phone owners carried with them entire suitcases of equipment. Today, a mobile phone is a compact device that has an integrated audio and video player, camera, sound level meter, calculator, note book, computer games, maps, and navigation systems.


  • 1995

    The Public Russian Television was created, headed by Vladislav Listyev, and after that everything began to change rapidly. It's hard to believe, but in 1995 there were only 6 main TV channels in Russia, and now cable TV customers can choose from more than a hundred.

  • Comedy shows

    In recent years, they have become really funny and topical. In 2005, the Comedy Club program aired for the first time, which immediately broke all records for popularity.

  • Talk show

    began to appear in the mid-90s. Among the first were "Theme" with Vlad Listyev, the scandalous program "About it" with Elena Khanga and "I myself" with Yulia Menshova and feminist Maria Arbatova.

  • Reality show

    The first experience was the project "Behind the Glass", which gathered a fantastic audience. It was followed by "The Last Hero", "House", "Star Factory". Dom-2 remains the record holder - it has existed for more than 6 years.

The longest series

  1. "Carmelita" - 470 episodes
  2. "Soldiers" - 447 episodes
  3. "Love is like Love" - ​​320 episodes
  4. "Happy Together" - 305 episodes
  5. "Tatiana's Day" - Episode 221
  6. Don't Be Born Beautiful - 200 episodes
  7. My Fair Nanny - Episode 173

In 1996 Channel One aired no more than two serials a day, and they were all foreign production. Now on some channels you can watch up to 15 series during the day, and most of them are filmed in Russia. The first successful Russian TV series was the TV movie "Cops", which was released in 2000. This was a real breakthrough, since all previous attempts failed. Almost 10 years before that, television focused on purchased series, and "Cops" - with unknown actors and hastily edited, but designed for Russian viewers - made a splash.

In 2003, the Rossiya TV channel aired the TV series Idiot - this is the first detailed adaptation of Russian classics since Soviet times. The audience liked it so much that Dostoevsky began to be swept away from the shelves of bookstores! In May 2003, Fyodor Mikhailovich's books were ahead of Daria Dontsova, Tatyana Ustinova and Boris Akunin. Later, the series was filmed based on the books “Crime and Punishment”, “A Hero of Our Time”, “Players”, “Wedding. A business. Death (based on works by Sukhovo-Kobylin), War and Peace, Demons, Brothers Karamazov, Anna Karenina, Detective Putilin, Master and Margarita.

Over the past few years, we have seen some really high-quality series that have become cult. The first places in the ratings are rightfully occupied by "Brigade" and "Liquidation". By the way, "Brigade" is also considered the most expensive domestic series, shooting 15 episodes cost more than $ 2 million.


  • In October 1999, the premiere of the first musical in our country, a licensed production of METRO, took place on the stage of the Moscow Operetta Theater. It was she who paved the way for this new genre of musical art for Russia. Soon more and more new projects began to appear in the capital's theaters: Notre Dame de liaris (May 2002), Chicago (October 2002), The Witches of Eastwick (March 2003), MAMMA MIA! (October 2006), Beauty and the Beast (October 2008). These performances were praised and scolded, but the audience went to them in a continuous stream, and tickets for successful projects were often sold out for several months in advance.
  • "Monte Cristo" The first successful musical that was not made on the basis of a Western original, but entirely invented by our authors. Since October 2008, he has been performing on the stage of the Operetta Theater with invariable success.

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