ORGANICS - fashion or lifestyle

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ORGANICS - fashion or lifestyle
ORGANICS - fashion or lifestyle

In the early 90s, there was an eco-boom: eco-products appeared, then organic products for children came into fashion.

ORGANIC - fashion or lifestyle

In the early 1990s, there was a boom in the environmental movement in the world - first, eco-products appeared, then organic goods for children, furniture made from environmentally friendly materials, organic cosmetics, clothes, shoes came into fashion. So, gradually, organics turned from a fashion trend into a way of life

The history of organics in Russia is being written before our eyes: in 2004-2006. several specialized organic food stores opened in Moscow - Red Pumpkin, Biogurme and Bio-Market on Rublyovka (formerly Grunwald).

Today, there are only two supermarkets with an organic assortment in our country - Bio-Market stores in Moscow. This is one of the activities of the Organic corporation, which operates according to the scheme “from grain to counter”. Another is the Spartak ecological farm near Moscow with its own production and processing. After all, creating your own production of organic products in Russia is the only way to make environmentally friendly products available to Russians with low incomes.

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