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Spa industry
Spa industry

There are several hundred spas in Moscow. Procedures that previously seemed exotic have become familiar.

spa industry

In 1997 the first spa salon was opened in Moscow. Then the main and only spa equipment was the American alpha capsule. It served as a mini-sanatorium for residents of the metropolis and was intended for the rehabilitation of the body and good rest. Much later, there were procedures that today are on the menu of most spas: body wraps, aromatherapy, balneotherapy, stone therapy, various types of massage.

Now there are several hundred spas in the capital. Procedures that used to seem exotic are now commonplace, and the term "SPA" has firmly entered our lexicon.


Japanese shiatsu massage is the study of the whole body through strong finger pressure. Shiatsu improves general well-being, boosts immunity.


There are several types of wraps: mud, honey, seaweed, chocolate. This procedure helps to get rid of excess fluid and relieve stress.

Thai massage

Acupuncture massage technique with elements of passive yoga. It affects the human muscular system, as well as energetically active points.


During the Hawaiian Lomi-lomi massage, the master uses the palms, forearms, fingertips, elbows. Massage is aimed at restoring the body.

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