Our house: 5 cleaning tips

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Our house: 5 cleaning tips
Our house: 5 cleaning tips

Do you want your home to always look clean and tidy? Don't forget our recommendations.

Our house: 5 cleaning tips

1. Never start cleaning if you are tired

Better to get down to business rested and in a good mood, then everything will turn out much faster.

2. Organize your space

If there is a place for every thing in the house, there will be less clutter. Use drawer dividers, hanging sections, containers and boxes. The more storage space, the more tidy.

3. Clean up after yourself

This should apply to all family members: if someone took out or used some thing, let them put it back. This rule will help comply with point 2.

4. The most problematic areas

The floors and rugs most often in need of cleaning (especially in the corridor), the sink and mirror in the bathroom, the TV screen and the surface around it.

5. Always keep at home

Microfiber cloths - they really help to quickly and easily deal with difficult dirt and dust without the use of cleaners.

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