Clay Bouquets: Julia Mukhametova

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Clay Bouquets: Julia Mukhametova
Clay Bouquets: Julia Mukhametova

Once a friend gave me two pieces of plastic: the usual set that is sold in stores…

Clay bouquets: Yulia Mukhametova

One day, a friend gave my son two pieces of plastic: the usual set that is sold in children's art products. It was written on the label that it is better not to give such a thing to a child under 8 years old, and I decided to do something myself. I blinded, baked in the oven, as indicated in the instructions, and I liked it. Then there was no one to learn from, and I found a website with decorations and lessons on the Internet, and gradually began to sculpt. It turned out that there are a lot of techniques, and you can mold anything out of plastic. At first I tried to copy someone's idea, tried to make something similar and got so carried away that it became a daily activity for me. The child was then a little over a year old, I put him to bed and sculpted rings, earrings, pendants …

Girlfriends came, they liked what I do. First they asked me to give, and then they began to order me jewelry for their outfits. I’m sitting at home and I can’t get out anywhere, so I started taking pictures of my work, showing it to friends and relatives. And one day my husband suggested that I start my own LJ page and post my work there. The first reviews did not appear immediately, but when I began to understand that people came to my blog, they were interested and they liked it, then I gradually began to put up works for sale.

A year later, after I became interested in modeling,I achieved certain skills, I realized that I can feel confident and do things not only for myself, but also to teach this to someone something else. I began to rent a room from one school and conduct master classes. It's more of a hobby for me, and everything I earn I spend on materials for my products. I'm a mom and I spend all the time with my child, and while he sleeps, I sculpt.

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