Yves Rocher: in the name of love

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Yves Rocher: in the name of love
Yves Rocher: in the name of love

50 years ago, Mr. Yves Rocher was one of the first to think about creating herbal cosmetics.

Yves Rocher: in the name of love

Today everyone is talking about the benefits of natural cosmetics. But 50 years ago, Mr. Yves Rocher was one of the first to think about creating herbal cosmetics. Half a century later, the brand continues to care about our beauty and the planet

Love for Nature and Woman, the dream of environmentally friendly production, the idea of ​​a planet-friendly business - that's what drove Yves Rocher 50 years ago. Nothing has changed since then. And now the famous brand Yves Rocher pays attention to the control of all stages of creating unique herbal cosmetics, independently cultivates, manufactures and distributes its products. Moreover, the brand pays special attention to the ethical and environmental friendliness of its cosmetics, and also cares about the planet.

Life in green

Yves Rocher not only knows how to take everything necessary from Nature to create herbal cosmetics, but also never ceases to thank her. Thus, the brand uses only those parts of plants that can be restored (leaves, flowers, seeds), creates its own fields and prefers flowers and herbs cultivated by itself, uses recycling to create cardboard and paper packaging, and also produces deodorant sprays., which do not deplete the ozone layer, and eco-bags that replaced plastic bags. In addition, Yves Rocher cosmetics are not tested on animals and do not contain ingredients of animal origin. And all industrial centers of the brand have a certificate of environmental quality.

Stay alive

Greening the planet has become the biggest action of Yves Rocher. In 2007, after meeting Wangari Maathai, the first African woman Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Jacques Rocher, son of Yves Rocher, took over her baton and decided to plant 1 million trees by 2009. Thanks to international partners and the efforts of the brand, more than 7 million plants have already been planted worldwide. It is noteworthy that in the autumn of 2009 tree planting began in Russia. Last year, the official planting ceremony of a unique exposition of rare plant species took place in the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University "Aptekarsky Ogorod". In addition, together with the World Wildlife Fund, Yves Rocher planted 55,000 trees in Altai - in a unique ribbon forest, which helps to restrain the onset of deserts.

From Russia with love

For its anniversary, the brand decided to make a unique gift to the Planet: to plant 50 million trees all over the world (of which 3 million will appear in our country). Everyone can take part in greening the Earth. Buying a replacement care cartridge "Vegetable Inositol" or eco-shampoo "I ♥ My Planet", you automatically transfer funds for planting one tree.

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