Why don't we have children? The expert of the "Battle of psychics" answers

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Why don't we have children? The expert of the "Battle of psychics" answers
Why don't we have children? The expert of the "Battle of psychics" answers

I promised to tell you why some families don't have children for a long time.

Why don't we have children? The expert of the "Battle of psychics" answers

Children are born in a certain year, month, day and hour, and this is not determined by us. It seems to us that we decide something, that we can plan the birth of a child - we prepare, calculate, put he alth in order … In fact, we simply carry out a certain program laid down earlier: the year, month, day and hour of the birth of a child, which determines its energy characteristics by 90% (based on my practice), depends on our ancestors, both paternal and maternal, up to the seventh generation. The actions of our ancestors, carrying a certain emotional coloring that affects the energy of other people, subsequently program the existence, development and quality of the future life of their descendants. This is a "rough" setting that we cannot change.

All we can really do is, if we draw an analogy with a radio receiver, turn the fine tuning knob in one direction or another, but always within the range given to us. Since our thoughts, deeds, words and emotions have an additional impact, both positive and negative, on the energy characteristics of our child, then before the moment of conception, we can either fix something, or, without knowing it, worsen it. This is entirely our responsibility. And here you will have to ask only from yourself.

Fate (providence, energy laws of interaction) is wise, and she just waits to give us children who are as balanced as possible, suitable in energy for both parents. It takes up to eight years for the individual energy generators of the parents to get into the right resonance, which, in turn, would lead to offspring with the most favorable combination of energy. This case, by the way, lends itself to fairly good adjustment, since all that needs to be done is to bring the energies into resonance. The work, of course, is painstaking and individual: sometimes you need to move geographically, change your place of residence, sometimes you need to “weaken” or “strengthen” one of the partners, sometimes it’s enough to change your lifestyle and / or profession, sometimes you need to remove people with incompatible energy from the environment.

If someone has to wait more than 8 years, then most likely the reason is in the unfavorable combinations of energy drinks described below.

It is possible that people are so mismatched energetically that they can only have physically or mentally ill children. And here already fate uses all means to avoid this. For example, very passionate emotional relationships, what is called love to the point of insanity, as a rule, give unhe althy offspring. It would seem illogical - a fountain of feelings and emotions, love that happens "once in a lifetime." But at the energy level, such relationships can be compared with a short circuit, which, as you know, does not lead to anything good. This was known long before us: in the old days, healers considered such love a disease, and diseases, as a rule, are contagious. So that only a sick child can be born from such a painful relationship. But, for example, the Chinese, to simplify the situation, created their own classification of unfavorable combinations - just refer to the Chinese horoscope.

Another rather important point is that people do not fit each other, but in other ways. And then it may turn out that the children will be he althy, but one of the spouses, if this marriage continues, is threatened with early death. Fate, by not giving them children, thus pushes them to part so that they can create a more secure marriage with another person. There are a million examples of this, and you yourself will remember cases among your friends when, in subsequent marriages, both easily and quickly have he althy children.

It is clear that this, subject to the exclusion of problems at the physical level, is only two main reasons, the most common, and there are other special cases.

What happens when there are problems on the physical level? I believe that my audience already has sufficient knowledge to understand that the root cause of all disturbances in the functioning of body systems lies in the plane of energy. Violation of the energy balance is the root cause of everything that happens on the physical level. Any diagnosis is already a violation of the balance. If the diagnosis cannot be made or it is constantly changing, then there is a reason to seriously think about the energy component. Infertility is one of the consequences of energy imbalance. And, fortunately, it is not always fatal. In my practice, there were various situations related to this problem, which were successfully resolved. The most difficult thing is when infertility is caused by the merits of ancestors, when the family stops at a certain point. There is hardly anything that can be done here, unfortunately.

For example, one of the spouses inherited an energy problem from their ancestors - this is often called a "birth curse". What is a generational curse? This is a type of qualified energy impact, which, as a rule, is expressed in the complete or partial loss (closure) of intuition, the impossibility of long-term partnerships, the impossibility of having children. If such a person took a person with crystal clear energy as his wife, then it turns out that fate has nothing to punish his soulmate for, giving her a sick child. And another from this spouse can hardly be born, alas …

As for abortion, there are more social and ethical issues, as well as moments of a religious nature - and this is clearly not in my competence. If we consider it from the point of view of energy laws, then a lot goes against the Christian commandments, and your right is to accept it or not. I’m just expressing my opinion: a mother should have the right not to give birth to a child if she, even being in a happy marriage and generally not against children, clearly foresees that “something is wrong” with this child. Even knowing 100%, I will never take the responsibility to tell a pregnant woman that her child will be far from ideal, I can only hint that she trusts her feelings. I only regret that such a woman did not come to me earlier, when it would be possible to find a favorable time for the birth of a child - he althy, most suitable for both parents.

Definitely not worth terminating a pregnancy if you want a baby, but the only argument for not having one is financial problems. Remember one universal energy law, which is expressed in simple words that are close to people: “God gives a child, God will give a child.”

A child does not come into this world as a dependent, he will bring with him exactly as much energy as he needs for his whole life. And in the first years of life (and this is the answer to the question, where is his own energy until he is 10-12 years old), he will completely give his energy to you for temporary use. You will be able to contain it, at least you will definitely have it “on bread and butter”. Well, for the sake of continuing a kind of "without caviar" you can survive, right?


"A happy person is one who has found harmony with himself. When we understand what it takes to be happy, everything becomes easier. We are moving towards the goal by modeling the future,” says Alexander.

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