The Maldives is a wonder of the world

The Maldives is a wonder of the world
The Maldives is a wonder of the world

The pristine beauty of nature, mild tropical climate, calm clear sea, white sand beaches and impeccable comfort.

Maldives - wonder of the world

From Moscow you will fly to Male - the capital of the Maldives, fully justifying its name. The city is so small that you can get around it in a couple of hours up and down. Therefore, from the plane you immediately transfer to a boat or seaplane, which will then take you to the hotel. Hotels here occupy a separate island. And not because they are very big. Because the atolls are surprisingly small. Toy islands, studded with green palm trees and long-legged wooden houses in straw hats, in the middle of the endless ocean. Holidays in the Maldives are calm and measured, and if you want the most impressions and variety, you can combine several hotels of the same chain. For example, two Four Seasons hotels.

Four Seasons Kuda Huraa

It takes 20 minutes by boat to Kuda Huraa Hotel from the airport. Boat - local Maldivian taxi. You will be met at the pier. And from the first minutes of meeting the friendly team of hotel staff, you will feel like a queen. The Maldivians are naturally very friendly, and the staff at Four Seasons are known for their 'six-star' hospitality.

The hotel is built in the style of a traditional Maldivian village. The relaxing atmosphere of a tropical island is very harmoniously combined with luxury design and first-class service.

There are two types of rooms in the hotel. Overwater bungalows, which are more appreciated by lovers of romance and honeymooners, and beach villas, which are more convenient for relaxing with children.

If you live "on land", you will have a cozy house with a private pool and a garden with palm trees and tropical flowers. Spacious, extremely comfortable rooms, a traditional outdoor shower - all this creates that very unique atmosphere of relaxation on the island - a feeling of complete privacy and tranquility.

If you live "on the water", you will be accommodated in a magnificent wooden bungalow. It is impossible to take your eyes off the turquoise lagoon. The view opens directly from the bedroom. At the same time, the feeling of the proximity of the sea does not frighten, but only fascinates. You feel like the captain of your own cruise ship. Not a soul around. Just blue skies and blue water. Bungalows are built so that each room is isolated from prying eyes. You can safely sunbathe naked on the deck of your "ship". The sea on the atolls is shallow, the water is always calm. You are lying on a soft cozy lounger, sipping freshly squeezed pineapple juice, colorful fish are splashing around - peace and quiet. Heavenly delight.

The best vacation option is a combination of two hotels. Relax for a few days in a bungalow, get on a seaplane and fly to another atoll. Flying in a seaplane is an adventure in itself. A small airplane with 10-15 seats will carry you fearlessly over the ocean, and you will be able to appreciate the beauty of this unique place. Snow-white islands scattered in the turquoise ocean seem so tiny and defenseless against the water element. Almost every island has its own hotel. At the same time, each such island-hotel has its own "satellite" - an island opposite, where local residents live and have the necessary infrastructure: the police, a hospital and other vital institutions.

The flight from Kuda Huraa takes no more than an hour, and now you are already on Landaa Giraavaru - in another Four Seasons hotel. And you are again met at the pier as dear guests, offering to drink coconut juice from the road.

Four Seasons Landaa Giraavar

Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru - a little more like a familiar seaside vacation, almost all rooms are located on land. But in it, as in the previous hotel (both built in the traditional Maldivian style), each villa has a magnificent pool, its own garden and even a wooden "loft shed" in which you can lie with a book after dinner. Each villa has its own access to the beach, while this beach is almost private. The villas are so far apart that you can't see or hear your neighbors. This place is great for a family vacation. The territory of the island is quite large, it has four large pools, a huge choice for water sports, excellent conditions for snorkeling. The Maldivians are very careful about their nature. The atoll is recognized as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Swimming underwater, you can see coral "beds" - wire frames entwined with corals, around which tame tropical fish frolic. The hotel has its own marine biologist who is happy to tell you about the life of marine life.

In both hotels excellent cuisine, a large selection of restaurants for every taste. Maldivian cuisine is similar to Asian cuisine - it has a lot of spices, grilled and seafood. Yoga classes, Ayurvedic massages in the air - all these are indispensable components of a real vacation. Massage is done in a water bungalow with a transparent floor. While you are carefully smeared with coconut oil, you listen to the whisper of the waves and forget about everything in the world.

Landaa Giraavaru is one of the leading Ayurvedic centers in the Indian Ocean. Upon arrival at the resort, each guest is invited to a free Ayurvedic consultation. The resort's spa experts recommend vegetarian cuisine during the course of a therapy or program of choice, such as Restful Sleep or Strengthening Marriage.

There is no animation in hotels, it is simply not needed. The main and most exciting entertainment is nature itself. Catch a crab, stroke the delicate back of a small reef shark, feed a stingray - here you can feel like a real naturalist.

Wonderful entertainment - a trip to the island of Robinson. Such tiny islands are so small that they cannot fit a hotel. It will be only you and an experienced instructor who will guide you along the protected paths of the underwater world.

Diving, or more specifically, snorkeling (snorkelling), is amazing in the Maldives. It is not like snorkeling in the Red Sea. The fish here are smaller, since near the islands it is quite small and large fish, growing up, go to the depths. But that is why it is absolutely safe to swim here with a mask, besides, the corals themselves are much more beautiful. It's like a fantastic trip to other planets. You will not see so many colorful corals of the most bizarre form in the Red Sea. There are almost all varieties of tropical fish here and they are completely harmless. The most dangerous is trigger fish. If you accidentally stumble upon her nest, which contains caviar or fry, she fearlessly rushes to the defense and with her sharp teeth can cause trouble. But, if you are a snorkeler, you have nothing to fear - just don't swim close to her.

Absolute hit - swimming with manta rays (huge six-meter stingrays) - worth it to fly here. Before you get to know one of the most amazing marine life, you will be given a detailed briefing. Manta rays, despite their gigantic size (some reach six meters in width!), are completely harmless and feed only on plankton. These are giant vacuum cleaners that collect ocean debris.

From May to November, when undercurrents throw plankton to the surface near the uninhabited island of Hanifaru, flocks of manta rays come here for their sea feast. A company of 200 "feasting" manta rays in a bay the size of a football field is an absolutely mesmerizing sight.

Manta rays - one of the most ancient animals on Earth, but more like unknown alien creatures. Flapping their huge black wings like birds, gaping huge toothless mouths the size of a car windshield, they seem to be dancing in the water. And you swim next to these beautiful monsters and feel one with the ocean, with nature.

How to get there:

Flight to the Maldives will only give you pleasure if you fly with Emirates Airlines. The usual economy on these airlines can be safely compared with our charter business class. In addition, Emirates Airlines has the most modern fleet of aircraft (average age 5 years). The flight is very comfortable. Each seat is equipped with an individual TV screen with 500 channels and games (passengers can even play with each other), a comfortable footrest. On the ceiling of the cabin there is a luminous starry sky, which absolutely delights little travelers. And, of course, an excellent level of service. Friendly team of flight attendants, delicious food, not at all like what is usually offered in flight. The airline has more than 250 international awards for the high quality of service on board.

In Dubai, you will make a transfer to Male, and believe that the couple of hours spent at the airport will not be wasted. Dubai Airport has the best selection of duty free shops. You will not find such a selection of technology, decorations and elite alcohol at any airport in the world.

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