Alexander Oleshko wrote for "DO" as a student

Alexander Oleshko wrote for "DO" as a student
Alexander Oleshko wrote for "DO" as a student

In the 90s, student Sasha Oleshko wrote a series of articles for Domashniy Ochag. Today he is a popular actor…

Alexander Oleshko as a student wrote for "DO"

Today I don't even remember how I wandered into the editorial office of the Domashniy Ochag magazine, but it certainly didn't happen by chance. In those years that are now called the "dashing nineties", I had neither my own home, nor money, nor food, but I so wanted to be at least for a while where it was warm and comfortable. The editorial office of "DO" became such a place for me, where I brought my trial materials. First of all, I wanted to learn how to write beautifully and, of course, to learn about the life that is hidden from millions of eyes, about the legendary people whom I called “people from the TV” in my childhood. I wanted to go to their home, see how they live, what they feel, what they really are, and thus form myself as a creative person. After all, at that moment I was a student of the theater school.

The first person I called with an offerwas the television personality Angelina Vovk, known to everyone as Aunt Lina from the Good Night, Kids! program. I introduced myself as a correspondent for I do not remember which publication, and, to my surprise, she asked me to call back. I dialed again, then again and again, and Angelina Mikhailovna said: “Well, since you are so persistent, come.”

I came and immediately asked, as it seemed to me then, a very original question: “How was Angelina Vovk born?” She replied, “Women are not asked such questions.” I immediately corrected myself: “No, no, I mean, when the television Angelina Vovk was born!”

So gradually, in these conversations with great actresses and TV presenters, my personality also crystallized. I spied on something, learned something, there was even a period when I spoke in other people's words, but these were the words of great people!

I rememberhow I was literally spoon-fed by actress Lyubov Sokolova. During the interview, she asked: “Why are you so thin?” I say: "I have an ulcer." And she had black caviar at home, she fed me with it and explained: “Look, caviar must be carefully eaten from a spoon, and the ulcer will pass.” I remember how we edited the interview with her, and she allowed us to take everything we needed for the material from her archive.

Communication with the great trainer Irina Bugrimova resulted in a wonderful friendship, who said: "Remember, one Sunday of every month is yours." I came to her house, we talked from morning to evening, she talked about her book and about what was not included in it. This woman was well over 80, but she always received me in a snow-white starched blouse with lace, always with makeup, in small heels. I remember our last meeting: we were sitting in the corridor of her apartment on Kotelnicheskaya embankment, and she said: “You know, I just don’t allow people to come to me. I wish you a great future!" Then she became seriously ill, and of course we could no longer see each other.

In the same house I was received by Lidia Smirnova. Her arm was broken, and with one hand she cooked meatballs for me in the kitchen, because I was a poor student. By the way, the fact that I was a student at the theater school opened many doors. Either the great divas remembered the beginning of their creative life, or they simply felt sorry for me. I myself asked the question many times: “Why did all these great actresses let me in, why weren’t they afraid to speak frankly?” First, because they knew that I would not betray. Secondly, because I never allowed myself tactless questions. And everyone understood why I needed these interviews. I didn't do this for money at all.

I remember that Alla Larionova once called Lydia Smirnova, and she answered her: “Allochka, I can’t talk now, I have a handsome young man visiting me.” She, too, was at an advanced age, but it was clear to the naked eye how much life and how much woman there was in this man! I once asked her: “What do you dream about?” She replied, “Go to a nightclub.”

We met Alla Larionova many times in the Central House of Arts. She interested me as a woman

of extraordinary beauty and talent, extremely loving her husband. Alla Larionova and Nikolai Rybnikov - it was an incredibly beautiful duo of Soviet cinema. And our whole conversation was built around this topic - already being alone, she constantly talked about him. Another wonderful story is connected with Larionova. Once in an interview, I suggested that she continue the phrase: “My life is …” She said: “I need to think.” I didn't hurry. She thought for about twenty minutes and then answered in one sentence, but added: “You can’t print this.” I kept my word and nowhere and never said what Alla Larionova told me. Although this phrase at that moment turned my life around in many ways and corrected me as a person and an actor.

With Natalia Krachkovskaya we met many times at concerts,and I really wanted to talk with her so that other women would receive that inoculation of confidence that Natalia Krachkovskaya once gave herself. After all, she has always been and remains a person who is not deprived of the love of not only the audience, but also men, and we all know how difficult it is for curvaceous women. We talked with her about the fact that if a person wants, he can always achieve success and love. I remember sitting tired after the concert, but we talked for an hour and a half. She told how she lives, what spins she does, how she loves to cook and eat deliciously, and - most importantly - to live deliciously! She gave me this wonderful phrase - "it's delicious to live." “Do you understand,” he says, “how important it is to live deliciously ?!” This is what I have identified and memorized. I think it's a great formula!

And Valentina Mikhailovna Leontyeva, who was Aunt Valya for all of us,one of the most iconic characters on television, told me this phrase: “Never fawn on the screen. Turn on your soul, and then you will break through the television field. When I am asked how to become a star and what is the secret of success, I always remember these instructions. People of that era thought, first of all, not about themselves, but about the people who look at them. And the new generation of artists thinks about their stardom, and this is wrong. All these people with whom I had the happiness to communicate then showed me with examples of their lives how talented and hardworking they are.

Another great example isOlga Aroseva. I remember I was asked at the editorial office to talk to her about hats. And with her it is not necessary to talk about hats, but about what a hard life she lived with a sincere smile on her face! Olga Aroseva said: “My main secret is that I love to live!” She never gave up. And so far - at her age, a woman should no longer work, and she goes on tour and plays in the Theater of Satire. God bless her!

There was only one man in the list of my interviews - Boris Khmelnitsky, but he did not get there by chance. The editors of "DO" decided to expand the audience, and make their heroes, not only women, but also men. And I studied on the same course with the daughter of Boris Khmelnitsky, Dasha, and her dad often visited our school. It was a stunning example of a real person in the highest sense of the word, who loves his family, daughter, his profession. He was generally one of those people who "everything in the house, everything in the house." This family has an amazing cozy apartment, which Boris Alekseevich invented himself together with Dasha. I considered it my duty to include it in this section. He gave me a tie for good luck, and I still keep it.

To the actress I was led to Vera Vasilyeva by her book "Continuation of the Soul", in which she said that each role is a continuation of her soul. Here, by the way, is another secret of success and longevity. People in pursuit of money and we alth have forgotten that there is a soul. Those who do not forget about it live beautifully, calmly and happily.

In the list of amazing women,with whom I had a chance to communicate, there was another TV personality - news anchor Anna Shatilova. An amazing story happened to her, which proves that time moves in a spiral. She recently told me that her grandchildren play with dolls and call them "Oleshko". Could I, a boy from Chisinau, ever think that all these great people would know me, be friends with me, love me, and their grandchildren would play me! This is a real gift of fate, God and, by the way, the DO magazine, which introduced me to such people.

I remember how the editor Natasha Galuza sometimes left my materials without editing. “They are so sincere, I don’t want to touch them,” she said. Natasha and I continue to be friends to this day. I remember how Ekaterina Stupakova, the editor-in-chief, directed me: “Don't make the materials dry! Leave your spontaneity, your vision and your heart, and then it will be just the way we need it.”

I did not deviate from these tips,and thanks to them another story was born - a meeting with Zinaida Kiriyenko. This incredibly beautiful woman always refused her unworthy offers, although she adored her work. It was she who taught me that an artist is an honor and dignity.

Absolutely all the interviews have become a very interesting human school for me, a real human construction site. Tatyana Shmyga, for example, impressed with the story about the tradition that exists in her family. No matter how busy schedules she and her husband have, they always, every day, set aside two hours for a joint lunch. And in the morning she starts with vocal lessons - like Lyubov Orlova, who stood at the ballet barre to keep herself in shape. We still call each other, exchange interesting news, opinions, I always congratulate Tatyana Ivanovna on her birthday.

And the singer Nadezhda Chepraga gave this advice to young singers: "Never wear a wedding ring - the viewer should not be jealous of her husband." I remember being very touched by this detail. And she also said: “The public should know about the artist only what they see on stage. The artist is a mystery and a riddle.” Unfortunately, today's time has turned a lot on its head, but, thank God, today there are artists who do not allow their personal lives to be shared with the masses and vice versa.

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