Horoscope for July: your stars this month

Horoscope for July: your stars this month
Horoscope for July: your stars this month

Surprises are likely in the middle of the month. After the 20th, be patient and avoid conflict and spending.

Horoscope for July: your stars this month

Positive:promising offers

Negative: financial instability

You continue to enjoy success and popularity, with the exception of 9-11 and 23-27 - these are days of intense communication and financial instability. Pleasant surprises are likely in the middle of the month. And after the 20th, be patient and avoid conflict and spending.


July 24 - August 23

Positive:love, dating

Negative: abrupt change

A controversial month awaits you. You are in love or have made new interesting acquaintances, but doubt yourself and your abilities. Your life is changing, but you are desperately resisting it. However, if you analyze the situation, you will understand that there is nothing to be afraid of: all changes are for the better. From the 23rd you are successful in everything! At the end of the month, spending on entertainment or the whims of children is likely - be frugal.


August 24 - September 23

Positive: love, strong influence on others

Negative: communication fatigue

You will want peace and solitude, but you will have to participate in other people's conflicts. Others will trust you with their secrets, and this will be quite tiring. After the 10th, relationships with your beloved man will come to the fore. If at this time you can evade provocations, successfully overcome the "obstacle course" in love.


September 24 - October 23

Positive: success at work

Negative: instability in love and financial matters

At the beginning of the month, you will be able to enjoy the freedom and patronage of the leadership. You will want thrills and bold experiments, and at work everything will develop by itself. After the 11th, changes in personal life are likely: relationships with a loved one will become calmer, but suspicion may increase. At this time, it is better not to discuss your romantic affairs and the state of finances with others. In these matters, it is best to rely only on yourself.


October 24 - November 22

Positive: relationship changes

Negative: fatigue

Before the 20th, travel is ideal, and if you stay at home, the temptation of an office romance is great. Try not to overdo it with flirting, do not create provocations! After the solar eclipse (July 11), your relationships with friends and loved ones will change. 14-17 unexpected profits are possible due to participation in the lottery or some kind of promotion. After the 20th, watch your he alth, do not overload yourself.


November 23 - December 21

Positive: updated in love

Negative: economy mode

Until the 23rd you will have to save - plan your spending carefully. Spontaneous purchases made at the beginning of the month may disappoint you. But this period is ideal for renewing love relationships: feel free to experiment and embark on adventures with your loved one! After the 11th, your career will come to the fore and you will have every opportunity to advance.


December 22 - January 20

Positive:love, support

Negative:illusions, delusions

You will be lucky in personal and business partnerships, and you will be able to achieve a lot by joint efforts. If you show patience and flexibility in communication on July 10-14, you can avoid conflicts at home and at work. At the beginning of the month, it will seem to you that you can return your old love and start all over again. After the 11th, there is an ideal period for rest, because at the end of the month you will have to be active and make decisions quickly.


January 21 - February 19

Positive: love

Negative: stress, fatigue

At the beginning of the month, you will be able to prove yourself well at work. But the loads will not have the best effect on the state of he alth, chronic diseases may worsen (especially 9-11). The last week is favorable for building partnerships, searching for new promising connections and love!


February 20 - March 20

Positive: profitable projects

Negative: uncertainty

Excellent month - love, entertainment, creativity and relaxation with children. Before the 10th, it is ideal to start new projects, they will turn out to be profitable. And later it is worth returning to unfinished business. Personal affairs are quite confusing, and clarity in relations with your loved one will come only at the end of the month.


March 21 - April 21

Positive: vacation, popularity

Negative: fatigue, routine work

You really want to relax and have fun, but household chores and country cares require attention, so you have to keep up everywhere. On the 11th (solar eclipse day) avoid any activity and agreements! In the middle of the month, profits, new sources of income, or a successful solution to the issue of inheritance, property matters are likely.


April 22 - May 21

Positive: useful contacts

Negative:he alth problems

The month is favorable for communication with relatives, business meetings, learning and shopping. Especially a lot to communicate in the first half of July (except the 11th). If you are not married, then the prospect of marriage will appear. And if you are happy in family life, success with men will be amazing. July 28-31 - busy days: do not conflict and take care of your he alth.


May 22 - June 23

Positive:career growth

Negative: chilling relations with loved ones

Until the 9th, you are most concerned about financial matters: successful transactions are possible, promising investments. But tension in the house, cooling of relations in the family is also possible. On July 10-13, travel or promotion offers are likely. After the 20th, you will be carried away by a new hobby - you are full of desire to experiment and take risks!

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