Attention: the girl is retouched

Attention: the girl is retouched
Attention: the girl is retouched

Glossy publishers will be required to “mark” on photos of models in magazines that “the girl has been processed by a photo editor.”

Attention: the girl is retouched!

Australian authorities start fighting for girls' waists

A surge in the number of cases of anorexia and bulimia among teenage girls is forcing the Australian authorities to take unprecedented measures. Soon, all glossy magazine publishers that publish beautiful photos of thin models and stars will be required to print information next to the pictures that the image was processed using a photo editor.

Since almost without exception the pictures in this kind of magazines are really "enhanced" using Photoshop, the "retouched" icon, apparently, will decorate all the magazine pages.

Furthermore, the authorities expect that the magazines themselves will be able to further refrain from heavy retouching of models, including computer-assisted reduction of the waist and lengthening of the legs, as well as "deleting" all age wrinkles from the faces of the stars. But if, nevertheless, the images are processed, then readers should know about it.

The government also wants designers, advertising agencies and magazines to continue to refrain from using size zero girls and oversized men not only in photo shoots but also during fashion shows.

We invite you to watch a video filmed by Dove and published in the public domain on YouTube. The video shows how models are transformed, filmed and retouched for advertising.

Source:The Daily Telegraph

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