By car abroad

By car abroad
By car abroad

In Europe, Russian plastic licenses are trusted because they look like European ones.

By car abroad

Driving style Learn about driving in a particular country on the forums. Experienced motorists willingly describe their journeys and incidents that happened on the road. In prosperous Europe, our tourists often make one mistake: not seeing the police on the road, they significantly exceed the speed limit, after which they appear themselves and present the testimony of hidden video cameras. Fines can be hundreds of euros.

Should you drive your car abroad?

If you are an experienced, careful, polite and law-abiding driver, then yes. Be sure to make copies of your vehicle documents and driver's license and keep them separate from the originals. In case of theft of rights, the police will certify copies of documents.

At a caravanning agency, you need to apply for visas (if you need them) and a Green Card, which is a compulsory motor third party liability insurance policy accepted in dozens of countries around the world. Without this policy, it is forbidden to move around the territory of most European countries in your own car. Insured events under the "Green Card" provide for compensation for harm caused to life, he alth and property of third parties.

How to deal with an accident?

You must witness the incident with local authorities (traffic police, customs) and sign documents. If the language of the host country is not clear, then a note must be left in the documents. Give the second section of the Green Card to the victim. Upon returning home, you must promptly inform the insurance company about the incident and provide supporting documents.

How to organize a flight with a child

Most airlines allow passengers with children to pre-book certain seats on the plane. Choose seats in the middle of the plane - there is less turbulence, and the child is happy to look at the people around him. Seasoned travelers claim that infants are better able to endure night flights, during which they sleep peacefully without breaking their usual routine. With older children, opt for morning and evening flights.

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