Pain> How to get rid of pain?

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Pain> How to get rid of pain?
Pain> How to get rid of pain?

Say omm, not oh> Meditation can help to get rid of excruciating pain at least for a while.


Meditation against pain >

Researchers at the University of North Carolina claim to have strong evidence that just a few 20-minute sessions can relieve back, muscle and joint pain.

How to meditate to relieve pain?

For meditation, you need to choose a quiet place where nothing will distract you, and take a comfortable position.

Meditation begins with deep breathing and focusing on a pleasant image. Breathe deeply into your belly and chest.

Place your hand on your belly as you inhale, count to three, then slowly exhale, feeling your belly sink.

You will feel changes in your body after a few courses, but it is better to start with 10 slow deep breaths.

Perform breathing exercises along with gradual muscle relaxation to reduce pain.

Start at your toes and work your way up to your face.

Exercise should be done carefully, with minimal contraction of those muscles that are the source of pain.

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