Bad mother: what do men say about it?

Bad mother: what do men say about it?
Bad mother: what do men say about it?

Here are 10 signs a man suspects you will be a bad mother>

Bad mother: what do men say about it?

Here are 10 signs that a man suspects a woman of a "future" bad mother

In a famous song by Bryan Adams, it is sung that a man can truly love a woman only if he sees the mother of his future children in her eyes. But first, he just needs to understand that you are a good mother. And for this, try to avoid the following mistakes:

Feature 10 - She leads a "self-destructive" lifestyle. Party until morning, revelry, wine, cigarettes.

Sign 9 - She just doesn't want kids. Perhaps the lack of maternal instinct is too obvious a reason. But men are convinced that all women, without exception, dream of becoming mothers by default. In the meantime, the so-called "child-free" supporters often upset men with "let's live for ourselves" talks.

Feature 8 - She is materialistic to the extreme. A man would not want a woman to perceive his children as just another accessory, like a necklace or an expensive dog.

Feature 7 - She is self-obsessed. If a woman is selfish, then she is unlikely to make a real mother.

Symbol 6 - She is too frivolous. If a man does not see responsibility in a woman, write “gone”.

Feature 5 - She is obsessed with her looks. Plastic surgery, creams, beauty salons, the fight against every wrinkle. But some women believe that children age.

Sign 4 - She is incapable of being caring and involved. The man became ill (he fell ill), and the woman, instead of taking care of him, flew away about her business. Where is the maternal instinct?

Sign 3 - She is too impatient. Meanwhile, patience is the key quality of a good, kind mother.

Feature 2 - She is a perfectionist. She doesn't go outside until she puts on the final touches of makeup. Keeps guests out of the house until everything is clean The kids will have a hard time.

Sign 1 - She is cruel. This is the most alarming sign that a man will never risk having children with this woman.

We did not find in the list of signs that seem relevant to us: a woman loves male attention too much, dresses provocatively, she has a bad relationship with her parents, she does not know how to communicate with other people's children, she has a bad “back” in her condition women's he alth and, finally, she already has children and she can't cope with them.

And what "signals" in the behavior of women seem to you "talking"?

What makes a woman a bad mother-to-be?

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