Tefal – your ideas are indispensable

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Tefal – your ideas are indispensable
Tefal – your ideas are indispensable

Proper nutrition is the basis of a he althy lifestyle, which is especially relevant today.

Tefal - you can't do without your ideas!

Proper nutrition is the basis of a he althy lifestyle, which is especially relevant today. Now everyone can always be in shape and lead an active life! Tasty and he althy food will become an integral part of your daily diet

All over the world, a he althy lifestyle has long been a conscious choice of those people who not only follow fashion trends, but also truly care about their he alth. Now "he althy" trends are becoming popular in Russia. And here the fundamental factor is a proper and balanced diet. After all, it is useless to choose the highest quality ingredients if they are not prepared correctly. Concern for food quality and he alth benefits is also a matter of preserving the vitamins, nutrients, natural flavors and aromas of food during cooking.

Unfortunately, many people still think that all he althy dishes do not have an exquisite taste. And that's why diet meals get boring very quickly.

That's why Tefal has created a series of kitchen appliances under the general name "DELICIOUS &HEALTHY": VitaCuisine steamer and multifunctional ActiFry fryer. Each of them is the result of many years of work of highly qualified specialists who have worked closely with independent experts, nutritionists and doctors. Tefal's advanced technologies and innovations serve to preserve human he alth - because they allow you to cook not only amazingly tasty, but also amazingly he althy dishes!

Do you want to delight your family every morning with delicious mouth-watering breakfasts, amaze with hearty full meals, or constantly amaze with the perfection of culinary skills? Now you will always be sure that your dish will give your loved ones not only pleasure, but also benefit their he alth!

Do you and your kids love delicious golden french fries? But how often do you allow yourself to eat enough crispy slices, fearing the excessive calorie content of this product? Now, with Tefal's unique ActiFry fryer, even french fries can become part of your daily diet! The ActiFry fryer makes delicious crispy browned fries with just 3% fat!

With Vitacuisine, you can easily steam a full meal, the most delicious and he althy, without thinking about what to cook first and what to do next. Duck breast with peaches, tomatoes with tuna or steamed chocolate pie! - thanks to the unique design of the double boiler, you can cook several delicious dishes at the same time! The stainless steel baskets, independent of each other, are able to retain the smell and juice without mixing them, which ensures that the unique aroma of each ingredient is preserved. And the exclusive double-sided non-stick baking sheet allows you to not only steam, but also stew food in your own juice or marinade.

Be sure - with devices from the new seriesTefal "DELICIOUS &HEALTHY" your whole family will eat varied, tasty and, most importantly, he althy food every day!

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