Not summer, but complete delight

Not summer, but complete delight
Not summer, but complete delight

The first time I was at sea, when I was six years old. We rested in the Crimea and rented a bed for 3 rubles

Not summer, but complete delight

The first time I was at sea, when I was six years old. We rested in the Crimea and rented a bed for 3 rubles in the private sector. I remember that I was terribly afraid to go into the water and screamed at the top of my lungs

I think they even put a circle on me, but it did not help: I ​​was still afraid and screamed. For some reason, my parents did not teach me to swim, and for several years I was very afraid of the depth. As a result, when I was already eleven years old, I learned to swim like a samurai. That is, herself.

I remember I was sitting on the beach, carefully watching other children swim, and terribly envious of them. Then I turned on the logic and realized that if I hold my breath underwater and wait for a while, then I will surely surface. And if I surface, I can learn to swim. You just need to pull yourself together and not get up on your feet too early. I went to a shallow place, counted to five, sank to the bottom, held my breath, then surfaced and after that I began to swim, because I was no longer afraid. Parents did not even notice how everything happened. I learned to swim by myself, purely by willpower.

And I must say that my samurai dad swam brilliantly, was engaged in spearfishing. And, when I myself learned to stay on the water, he showed me how to swim crawl. Together with him, I overcame the fear of depth, but it's terribly scary when there is no bottom under you and you can't get up.

But the most interesting thing about our family vacation in Soviet times was that my parents gave me great freedom. And how great it was! When I grew up and I was twelve years old, I went to Pitsunda together with my father. Moreover, my father lived in a boarding house, and again I was alone in a private settlement. There were young people around who took care of me with all their might. And then I looked like 16 years old, although in fact I was a real child. It is not known how it all would have ended if one fine day my father had not noticed that young people were interested in me, would not have been frightened and dispersed everyone.

A couple of years later I went on vacation with my dad and my girlfriend, dad was again in a boarding house, and he settled us in Miskhor on a tall mountain, and we saw him only a few times in two weeks. My God, what my friend and I did there! We walked around the dance floors, swam, crowds of young people looked after us. We played table tennis all day long, we had our own gang that occupied the tables, and we didn’t let strangers in there. We kissed in the moonlight, sang along with the guitar, and once there was a terrible fight because of me. Two grappled, each brought his team with him, and something terrible began - there was a massacre!

That summer, I first got the nickname Yoko Ono. I really looked like her - long hair, Asian face. And if before the boys called me names, now they began to look with admiration. Then I realized that I can like. What a summer it was! Delight!

When I think about it now, it's scary. After all, in fact, this vacation was a real horror! Just imagine: private accommodation, some beds, 2-3 strangers in the room, queues at the barbecue for kebabs, which everyone constantly poisoned, but still bought. There had to be something! On the beach, everyone lies flat on top of each other. And after all, no entertainment, except for table tennis. Our kids who are used to water parks, rides and Turkish all inclusive would go crazy for this kind of holiday!

Hand on my heart, I confess: there is only one element of the Soviet holiday, which I now lack. These are dance floors where everyone gathered - from young to old. And do not say that at my age it is already indecent. Age has nothing to do with it.


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