Rami Blekt - Release the desires of the soul

Rami Blekt - Release the desires of the soul
Rami Blekt - Release the desires of the soul

How to find your true purpose and build a life in accordance with it? Tips Rami Blekt.

Rami Blekt - Release the desires of the soul

A specialist in Vedic astrology and Eastern (alternative) psychology Rami Blekt. tells how to find your true destiny and build life in accordance with it

There are desires of our true self,and there are far-fetched desires. Only strong personalities can confidently say that they live their desires. Most play the roles imposed by society, friends, advertising, culture. And often we are not even aware of it.

Think about it: in our society, material well-being and comfort are increasing, but the number of happy people is steadily decreasing. We turn ourselves into a dog race, trying to earn more and more money in order to fulfill more and more whims of the enraged mind. But remember, when was the last time you saw someone truly glowing with happiness?

The pursuit of happiness deprives a person of happiness.

In fact, we are not driven by happiness and pleasure, as such, but by what generates them.

According to Eastern psychology, says Rami Blekt, there are five obstacles to bliss:

• Ignorance: you identify yourself with the body, forgetting the soul.

• Complacency or pride,which is considered the main sin in almost all religions.

• Craving for worldly pleasures.

• The pursuit of we alth.

• Hatred, anger in when wishes are not fulfilled.

If we live and ask for something for others, everything is given to us. If we live only for ourselves, everything is gradually taken away from us, including happiness. I'm not advocating to completely give up desires. We live in this world, and it is normal to desire something, to have a certain level of comfort. Especially for women, severe asceticism is not recommended. And yes, it doesn't make any sense! It's natural to try to satisfy your basic needs. The main thing is not to live by the desires and impulses of your false ego and mind. The deepest need of the human heart is the need to live for something greater than the mere selfish urges of the mind. Translated from Old Slavonic, the word "joy" means "to give Ra". Ra is the Sun. That is, “joy” means giving light to others, but not receiving.

Another important desire is to live your destiny, that is, in accordance with the highest destiny. Every time we do something and at the same time the heart "sings with joy", it means that we are following our path. Unfortunately, not everyone has the courage to follow this path, towards their dream. We are hindered by the fear of failure, we are afraid of causing pain and suffering to loved ones, we are taught from childhood that what we want is impossible. At first, when we deviate from the path, we feel a sharp pain in the soul, but then this pain dulls, and after a while we completely cease to feel that we have deviated from our destiny.

How to find your purpose and live in accordance with it? This is a very important topic. And what makes it important is that if a person has not realized himself and does not live in accordance with his nature, does not bring good to others, then he cannot be happy and successfully develop spiritually or physically. Each person has their own mission. And for a mission, a person must be ready. First of all, you need to get rid of fear, greed and ignorance, have a great desire to benefit all living beings, and have a spirit of sacrifice and service.

We come back again and again to the fact that you need to work on your character. Unfortunately, this is practically not taught in modern schools, where the main thing is to cram more information into the child. And then send it to where you can earn more money and achieve a high position. And the education of moral qualities is given almost no attention. But how can we talk about harmony if a person is internally dependent on money?

The easiest test,that will help us find out if we are in the right place or not, is to ask ourselves: if I had money and I was secure, would I the activity I'm doing now? Am I doing someone good with my work? The answer "no" should give serious thought.

If you think about it, you will understand that all the cultural masterpieces, inventions and just good goods that have brought benefit to mankind were created by such people. Of course, now not everyone can drastically change their activities, but it is possible to have a hobby that will eventually grow into a profession.

1. If I were to become financially independent, would I still be doing what I'm doing now?

2. Do I like what I do? Do I feel like my soul is "singing"?

3. Does my work benefit the world? Does anyone become happier because of it?

4. If I die tomorrow, will there be less light in the world? Or will the world breathe a sigh of relief: “Another parasite who lived only for himself and maybe for the sake of his relatives has become less”?

5. Did you choose your occupation yourself or did it under the influence of others (relatives, friends, society)?

6. We are not accidentally born in a certain place, country, family? Our mission is usually related to our nation and family. Think about what good you can do for your family and for your people in general?

7. How many creative elements are in my work? This question is not only suitable for people of creative professions. In any profession, you can create.

According to Ayurveda, if a person does not follow his path, his karma begins to deteriorate, which primarily affects he alth and relationships with other people, various problems gradually appear. But the most important thing is that a person cannot be satisfied. Please note that diseases and problems begin to arise not when we eat improperly or go to bed late, but when we deviate from our true path.

How do you know if you're doing what you're doing? The answer is quite simple: if you do not have an ever-increasing state of happiness, then you are not going your own way. This means that you need to think about what you can change in life.


  • It is important to concretize and write down the goal, clearly see the result, be able to refuse secondary goals and desires that are not related to the main goal.
  • It's good to find yourself a role model. If we want to succeed in any area of ​​life, to develop any qualities of character, then we must take an example from that person who has already reached the highest level in what we want.
  • We need to do or study every day that brings us closer to our goal. Give it at least one hour every day.
  • Regularly ask yourself these questions: “What do I want to achieve?” (in life, in the next 5 years, in the next year, on this trip…), “How do I want to achieve this?”, “What am I doing to achieve this?”.

A favorite activity may start out as a hobby, but as you become a hobbyist, you can take it as your main job. And don't be afraid of a pay cut. Money comes by karma (fate). And if a person works hard at an unloved job, not by vocation, and receives more money than his karma is supposed to, then he will be “taken away” from other areas of life: from he alth, family, etc.

Understanding this saves us from envy, from the habit of comparing ourselves with others.

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