Food by the Rules: Eating while Traveling

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Food by the Rules: Eating while Traveling
Food by the Rules: Eating while Traveling

To ensure that your vacation is not overshadowed, when going on a trip, pay special attention to food.

Food by the Rules: Eating While Traveling

Food poisoning and intestinal disorders top the sad list of disasters that can ruin a vacation. The fact is that under the influence of heat and solar energy, bacteria multiply much faster than in the cold season. Getting into the intestines, especially against the background of chronic dysbacteriosis, which affects 30% of the urban population, the infection causes a powerful reaction of the body and manifests itself after 1-2 hours.

What to do:

1. Avoid perishables and raw foods. This is especially true for meat and fish, which are used in sushi, carpaccio and other dishes, for example. And, of course, follow the basic hygiene requirements - this rule is known to everyone and is easy to do.

Such precautions should be observed several times more carefully if you are abroad, especially on another continent. Not because Africa or Asia is more “dirty” than Europe, although in some places this circumstance must be taken into account, but primarily because a completely different microflora develops on other continents, to which we, unlike local residents, no immunity. It is this "unpreparedness" of the gastrointestinal tract for a meeting with foreign bacteria that causes serious and long-lasting ailments as a result of poisoning. With exactly the same poisoning at home, dealing with "native" infectious agents, the body would cope in a few hours.

2. When going on a long excursion,take a lemon with you, the pieces of which can be squeezed into the water: in addition to the refreshing and light disinfecting effect, the lemon will come in handy if you get mountain sickness or seasickness on a trip.

Stock up on fresh (whole and always washed) fruit, as well as drinking yogurt. Travel conditions are not the most favorable for the stomach. Dense, heavy food is especially difficult to digest, so it is worth timing an impromptu fasting day for the excursion. The same applies to food stocks that we take “on a long journey.”

3. Drink more water. 1.5-2 liters of water per day (of course only in bottles, and only a reliable brand) is a necessary minimum, especially when traveling in hot weather. Drinking some cool water every half an hour to an hour reduces hunger and helps the body maintain a normal metabolism, which can cause problems when changing time zones and diet.

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