9 things that prolong life

9 things that prolong life
9 things that prolong life

Did you know that being a jerk is as good as having "a hundred friends and a hundred rubles" at the same time?

9 things that prolong life

1. Good heredity (the chance of becoming a long-liver is 5 times higher for people whose parents lived long)

2. He althy "don't give a fuck" and positive thinking (plus 9 years life expectancy)

3. Eating he althy, organic food (Plus 7 years life expectancy)

4. Living away from highways (plus 7 years life expectancy)

5. Quit smoking (plus 10 years life expectancy)

6. Normal weight (plus 3 years life expectancy)

7. High social status (plus 5 years life expectancy)

8. Wide social circle (plus 5 years life expectancy).

9. Happy family life (plus 5 years life expectancy).

In addition, as British scientists have found, older people with a positive perception of old age live 7 years longer.

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