Traveler Syndrome> How to reschedule a flight?

Traveler Syndrome> How to reschedule a flight?
Traveler Syndrome> How to reschedule a flight?

Air flight is stressful for our body. Low pressure, dry air and a constant hum in the cabin…

Traveler Syndrome

How to reschedule a flight?

A long flight is a serious test for our body.

Firstly, you have to sit on the plane for a long time without moving. Secondly, low pressure in the cabin, dry air and a constant hum have a bad effect on our well-being.

Doctors even have a term - "traveler's syndrome".

But unpleasant surprises during air travel can be avoided by following some rules:

  • Change your body position more often and try to move more. It is useful to walk around the cabin once again to warm up.
  • During takeoff and landing, it is common to get stuffy in the ears, and sometimes there is pain in the ears. Frequent swallowing movements help to reduce these unpleasant sensations or avoid them. Stock up on suckables, preferably with a sour citrus flavor.
  • Drink plenty of fluids on the plane, but avoid alcohol, strong tea and coffee (they are astringent and dehydrating). Mineral water, juice and/or dry wine are best.
  • Do not cross your legs during the flight - this will help to avoid unnecessary pressure on the veins and stagnation of blood in the vessels of the legs and pelvis.
  • Use special devices: inflatable pillows (to help relieve tension in the neck) and a lumbar roll.
  • Clothes and shoes should be comfortable and loose socks or stockings with tight and tight elastic bands disrupt blood circulation!
  • If possible, stretch your legs in flight and take off your shoes to avoid swelling. Phlebologists advise to stretch the feet more often.
  • If you are motion sick, do not eat fatty and sweet before the road. It is better to hit the road with a light snack of fruit or vegetable salad and yogurt. Means for motion sickness are recommended to be taken some time before the flight (according to the instructions). And keep in mind: alcohol only makes nausea worse. Mineral non-carbonated water (in small sips), as well as the smell of orange or cloves, will help to remove it. By the way, American scientists have discovered that oranges have a blood-thinning effect, so take them with you on the road and eat he althy!
  • If you have vascular problems, take a quarter of an aspirin before your flight.

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