Your letters to the editor

Your letters to the editor
Your letters to the editor

Lovely, dear women! I appeal to those who have had an abortion. I didn't think I'd face this..

Your letters to the editor
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I appeal to those who have had an abortion. Our family is Orthodox, and I did not think that I would face this monstrous choice. This was the third pregnancy. The husband was ready to "give birth", but the doctors insisted on an abortion. And here I am leaving the clinic…

I hate my husband, I can't look my sons in the eye. My family was crumbling before my eyes. Turned on the Internet in search of support. Did not find! From the first pages they are branded as a killer, and everyone condemns.

How can people judge (and mostly written by men)? After reading it, I didn't want to live. But God is merciful. I found support and comfort in the church. In no way am I advocating abortion. But I want to say that you do not need to lock yourself in. We must live and forgive ourselves and our neighbors. And everything will be fine.


I have a cat - red, fat, ingenuously impudent. He is not afraid of anyone

People are gods to him. When my son runs after him, the cat doesn’t even try to run away, doesn’t brush off his clawed paw, he just lies - a lazy skin - on the floor and purrs. At the moment when children's little hands touch this precious viapi ​​person, I run in, distract my son to something else, and this philosopher cat continues to lie and purr, not even noticing the fuss around … I once picked up a tiny sick kitten in subway crossing, he could not stand on his paws, could not meow. Now it is a completely different being. I hate this feeling when you walk through an underground passage in late autumn (cold, wind and this strange feeling of loneliness in subway passages) and you want to go home soon, where it's warm, where your favorite faces and voices, where your eyes can stop at something beautiful.

And then, when there is some unbearable pain in my life, I remember the cold and loneliness of the underground passages, I remember the faces of all the homeless people I have seen in my entire life.

Now my red fat happy cat no longer remembers that he was dying, does not remember the loneliness and cold of the underground passages. He is always happy, and people are absolute good for him, he rolls at my feet and purrs, meets me like a dog, and is not at all afraid of anyone. Perhaps this is how it should be?


Best Letter of the Month Olga wins a Clarins prize for face and body sun protection, a refreshing after-sun gel and an SOS anti-sunburn balm.

Read Zoya's touching letter to her mom in the March issue. It was like watching a short film. And I thought: what kind of mother am I to my daughter? What are we, modern mothers? We are always striving to earn money, burdened with thoughts of prosperity, work, and a husband, no matter how no one drags us away! Shops, work, bills, tutors, the Internet … How little we are together! So, just to take a walk, go skating, chirp about this and that. No, that's not possible. We must not forget, move away, let this difficult life take away childhood from children. I also want to be such a “warm mother” for my daughter. Walk, talk, bake pies together. Today I will do this. Let's bake pies together and chirp about our girlish things.


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