Spell from bad luck

Spell from bad luck
Spell from bad luck

Which of us has never complained about Failure? Who hasn't had their apartment keys lost or had their wallet stolen?

spell for bad luck

Who among us has never complained about Failure? Who has not lost the keys to the apartment, made in a single copy? Who hasn't had their last money stolen? Who hasn't left a folder with important documents on the seat of a trolleybus? Something similar has happened to all of us. Only for some such cases are rather the exception, while for others they are almost the rule. And these, others, in our society, aimed at victory and success, it is customary to call the word “loser.”

In Russia, losers have always been sympathized with, they were pitied, they had rather warm feelings for them. If we recall the "younger sons" from Russian fairy tales, who were always unlucky, they always received the biggest reward for their suffering.

Of course, when Failure sneaks up on us from around the corner, all these considerations pale in comparison to her gloomy silhouette. We begin to curse fate, blame everything on the case, which for once could be at least a little more favorable to us … Such an attitude to problems will not only not scare away Failure, but rather, on the contrary, will attract this person, greedy for those who often betray despondency. Failure should be laughed at, joked about, and even if after that the problems do not disappear, at least the person who has given himself such a discharge will find it much easier to cope with difficulties.

About three years ago, before the New Year, a dark streak of bad luck began in my life and in the lives of my friends: my friend broke his leg stumbling over the edge of the sidewalk; my friend, who was then living in a rented apartment, had her rent raised and the problem of finding a new home arose; The publishing house refused to accept the novel I wrote… And then, despite all the failures, we decided to celebrate the New Year so cheerfully that it would become hot in hell. We staged a New Year's scene, where instead of the traditional Baba Yaga, the role of the "bad heroine" was played by Failure, because of which the unfortunate Santa Claus broke his leg and could not come to the holiday … We had fun and laughed, read the "spell from Failure", sang songs, played "Charades", painted a cast on our friend's leg with funny pictures. And we achieved our goal: this fun and crazy holiday will be remembered for a lifetime…

Often, in order not to be afraid of failure, I go for little tricks. For example, I carry my favorite glass beads in my bag, which bring good luck. Of course, this is my fantasy, but when a person believes in a good and bright fiction, it becomes easier for him, and he cheers up not only himself, but also those around him.

To solve the problem of "permanent bad luck",you need to look deep inside yourself, into your childhood. All the negativity that we once absorbed from phrases like: “Don’t touch the cup, you will definitely break it!” - you need to be able to analyze, correlate with reality and, the most difficult thing, explain to yourself that we are not at all so “armless”, “helpless”, “careless” and “irresponsible”.

We Losers are wonderful, wonderful and very interesting people who sooner or later will win their personal victory. Victory over Failure.

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