Calabria - the pearl of the coast

Calabria - the pearl of the coast
Calabria - the pearl of the coast

The little things we need so much (sea, sun, safety) are sometimes very hard to find in one place.

Calabria - the pearl of the coast

How difficult it is sometimes to decide on a vacation spot for the whole family! The little things that we need so much (clear sea, gentle sun, comfort and safety) are sometimes very difficult to find in one place. And yet there is such a place - Calabria! A mysterious word shimmering with the gentle ringing of a thousand bells. You say it out loud, and it seems that now you will be transported into the most magical fairy tale …

Calabria - the pearl of the coast of Capo Vaticano, not far from the city of Tropea, which is deservedly called the "coast of the gods". It is in honor of the Calabrian king Italo that the modern country of Italy is named. Today Calabria is the southernmost region of the country with a coastline of 800 km, washed by the Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas. Declared a natural reserve where any industrial construction is prohibited, Calabria has repeatedly been awarded the prestigious UNESCO Blue Flag of Europe award for its impeccable ecology.

In the sparkling sea area, in the heart of Capo Vaticano, on one of the most picturesque coasts of Costa Degli Dei (translated as "Coast of the Gods"), in bays separated from each other, there are Villagio (club 3-4-5). Surrounded by greenery, flowers, palm trees and tropical plants, they are ready to offer guests all their we alth. Thousands of families, even with the smallest children, choose Villagio as their holiday destination year after year. The territory of the club, thanks to the efforts of hospitable Calabrians, was created for the most comfortable rest for the whole family.

You can stay both in All-Inclusive hotels and in apartments with a kitchen, which allows you to cook your own food for yourself and a small child. Accommodation and meals for children under 4 years old are free. The apartments are as comfortable as possible, homely, decorated in Italian style, with their own green seating area.

Villagio guests are given the opportunity to choose the food that they prefer. Visit a restaurant, a pizzeria, a la carte restaurant with typical Calabrian cuisine, or simply buy the freshest seafood from local fishermen and cook your own dinner in your own kitchen. On stalls from local residents - buy delicious fruits for dessert, vegetables straight from the garden, homemade olive oil, eggs, milk…

In the enclosed areas of Villagio, everything is equipped for your comfort and fun - swimming pools, shops, bars, restaurants, a fitness center, tennis, an amphitheater … Russian animators will gladly take care of your kids. Children's playground, mini-club for the little ones, fun shallow pools - these are just some of the reasons why you should spend a family holiday in fabulous Calabria, where the sea and mountains have created a unique climate characterized by ecological balance and healing properties.

The basis of tourism in Calabria is the absence of big cities and the clear sea, thanks to which Calabria is considered a natural paradise. The cultural heritage of Calabria reflects the historical events of this area and bears witness to thousands of years of cultural life. Buildings that look like they were taken from an art history book, bas-reliefs, works of art of various types and crafts testify to the splendor of the Greek civilization and the subsequent stages of the Calabrian civilization.

Tropea, adjacent to Capo Vaticano, is located on a high coastal cliff made of volcanic tuff. It is the tourist capital of all Calabria. According to legend, Hercules once settled on the rock and rested here after his exploits. Leisurely strolling through the streets of this city is like flipping through the pages of centuries-old history.

The well-developed transport links of the south of Italy Calabria with the historical centers of the country will not deprive you of the opportunity to appreciate all the sights that this region is rich in. The tour desk at the Villagio Club is happy to organize excursions for you to Rome, Milan, Florence or Sicily, where you can visit the most unusual lava Disneyland in the world.

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