Regular age: How to properly age your dog or cat

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Regular age: How to properly age your dog or cat
Regular age: How to properly age your dog or cat

Time passes, and your cheerful pet becomes more and more sedate and slow over the years. His habits and character change. Alas, he is getting old. How to make it easier for him to enter a new age?

Old age: How to properly ensure old age for your dog or cat

Small dog to old age puppy. This famous saying is not so true. Some animals retain playfulness and restless temperament for a long time. But this is character. Age sooner or later takes its toll, so long walks and frisky games are not for older dogs. After spending too much time outside, pets can “complain” about their paws and spine, take a long time to recover, and suffer from shortness of breath.

Dogs that have never had a frisky disposition, on the contrary, are reluctant to go for a walk, hurry home. But regular exercise is necessary for all animals: over the years, the ligaments become less elastic, so a calm walk without undue stress is a way to keep fit and the right mode.

The most important moment of maintaining the normal state of he alth of an animal at a "venerable age" is nutrition. Quality and quantity of feed, vitamins. Many animals change their appetite, they may suffer from indigestion or lose their sense of fullness (this is dangerous for both overeating and bulimia). By appointment of a doctor, you can transfer your pet to diet food, a special therapeutic diet. Introduce vitamin complexes into the diet.

Problems of older dogs and cats


In dogs, it begins to decline after 8 years. The fact that it is time to see a veterinarian can be indicated by a barely noticeable "haze" in the eyes of a pet. The development of many eye diseases can be stopped by using eye drops as prescribed by a doctor.


Noticing hearing loss in your pet is more difficult than any other change in his body. Be careful when walking: if the dog turns its head in search of the source of a familiar voice, there is a problem. Hearing-impaired dogs should be walked on a leash or in walking areas.

Wool and leather

Old age does not paint. The skin becomes drier, dandruff appears. To prevent the animal from looking neglected, comb it more often, while massaging the skin to improve blood circulation. But often washing the "old men" is not recommended in order to avoid colds. Alternatives to regular shampoo can be found in powdered dry shampoos that absorb dirt and won't irritate the skin.



Medical examination of an elderly animal, including examination, blood tests, feces, urine, ultrasound of internal organs, if necessary, X-ray examination, is recommended 2 times a year (with normal he alth - 1 time). Treatment or surgery will cost you more than a routine examination.

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