Cooking duel at Irina Bogushevskaya's birthday party

Cooking duel at Irina Bogushevskaya's birthday party
Cooking duel at Irina Bogushevskaya's birthday party

Singer Irina Bogushevskaya asked the guests on her birthday to bring their favorite dish with them.

Culinary duel at the birthday party of Irina Bogushevskaya


“I love my birthday. I am very grateful to everyone who remembered it and congratulated me: it was just a desire to cocoonize as much as possible this holiday week. Of the cultural events at our house, only the Culinary Pobedonok "So let's eat!" And this became the apotheosis of gastronomic escapism - once, and the consequences of which, for example, forshmak (ooh! mmm!), We eat the fourth day - two.

I love gifts - but no one has canceled the sad fact that I myself am not a telepath, and, frankly, there are very few telepaths among my friends. True, there are surprisingly accurate hits - and then the thing lives with you for a very long time and every time you meet it, it pleases. And there are also inaccurate, misses. The whole buffet is already full of unusual artifacts, there is no more room.

Because this time, calling potential guests, I asked each family to cook and bring me their favorite dish as a gift. Or cook it right at my house. Well, that is, a dish that the hostess (or owner) loves to cook most of all, which works best, which is a proven best. And nothing more! My calculation was simple: so the guests will be full, and the buffets are intact. (Here, of course, it should be noted that I was somehow wildly lucky and all my girlfriends and friends are people who are truly culinary gifted, and not alternatively, but just non- alternatively.)

Then, when discussing this idea, it became clear that we have a real competition brewing. With voting and prizes. And so it began.

The signs were made: "Chairman of the Jury", "Zitz-Chairman", "High Jury" (those who saw user T will agree that 1.94 cm is quite enough for this Enough) and the "Small Jury". The dog Donya received the status of an observer without the right to vote. The "Small Jury" at a wild speed made flags out of toothpicks, which then, from the moment X, marked the dishes entering the competition in chronological order. I, naive, thought that five or six flags are needed, but some guests decided to increase their chances of winning and brought three or four pieces of food, among them, for example, anchovies with avocados, nightingale tongue pate and other debauchery. and Genis "Russian Cuisine in Exile". This is an absolutely lovely book that was once presented to me at one of the concerts in the Central House of Artists. After reading it then, I finally understood what it is to cook at all and why people do it in such complex ways (in my youth, good then nom was considered to despise everyday life and not be able to cook even pasta). Then someone read it to me, bon appetit.

When I saw it on the shelf, I felt a real delight and a rush of saliva at the memory of especially juicy moments. In short, a real prize, which, moreover, was given a special poetic dedication to the future winner (“Reading about Russian cuisine in exile, without increasing grief, you will increase knowledge” - and you are). In place of the name of the winner was, of course, left a dash.

So, the prize has been bought, the flags have been prepared,the table has been set (we provided wines, juices, snacks and even hotter with a fright), potatoes gurgle on the stove, lamb is exhausted in the oven, everyone stuck signs on their chests and nervously walk back and forth with them. It feels like an invisible orchestra is tuning somewhere nearby - you know this impossible cacophony a couple of minutes before the first waving of the stick, when everyone checks the intervals? That's about the mood in the air. At first I decided to fight in the general competition, and beat with a leg of lamb, so, in an adult way. But then I thought that on my birthday, none of my friends would vote honestly then, and took my foot off the contest.

And here comes the guest. The petty jury sticks flags in the brought, I quickly fill out the tasting protocol, noise-noise and all that.

In general, I had, of course, a shock. I know about myself that I often make people want to feed me - but I didn’t expect it to be so strong. And I didn’t expect that the favorite, best obtained, tested ze bests of people whom I thought I knew well, may be the already mentioned anchovies with avocado, eggplant in dorblu, seafood cake … It seems that they don’t have something been talking all these years…

The Orlovs finished us off,who appeared with a huge vat of tsimes - in any case, Lena claims that the mixture of hazel grouse with pineapples, rice, maraschino cherries, nuts and rosemary is called that. They brought the same pate, no, the same Pate, under the name "Sirin", which eventually won the competition, furnishing the royal salad and strudel by a wide margin. Tsimes, which could be swallowed with fingers and a fork, took an honorable fourth place. I just can't describe the pate. To say that it is gentle, like a baby's kiss, and sweet, like the trilling of nightingales in jasmine bushes on a moonlit May night at the hour when the dew falls? Some kind of nonsense turns out, because its taste is inexpressible with my meager tongue - thanks at least, the tongue was able to touch it at least for a while!

Throw yourself at the feet of the precious sirin, because the recipe was his: maybe he will have mercy and reveal this secret - although in his place I would, having such a treasure … not I know what I would do. I would open a pate.

The intensity of passions during the voting was almost comparable to the European party. Everyone received a questionnaire and gave points to three favorites. The "small jury" without hesitation shoved cupcakes from Orlova Jr. into the shortlist. Having learned about the victory of the pate, it almost burst into tears of annoyance and said that so be it, it would try this strange dish that the strange adults liked so much. After the tasting, she thoughtfully said: the dish is delicious, but I still disagree with you. It should be noted that the young man dined with lamb after all - after I asked him to evaluate sample number nine (and already in brackets I modestly note that, despite all this bacchanalia, lamb legs, two in number, somehow imperceptibly left. Well, that is, everyone came out. Well, that is, I will record myself a prize of priestly sympathy).

All in all, this is one of the best DR's in a few years. Everyone enjoyed it so much that we're continuing on the 15th - some people here have great DR's the other day, but since they, unlike me, they don’t like him very much, I won’t shoot.

Well, in thought I, of course, what to oppose. Because Larisa, who is a strudel, she is a seafood cake, she is eggplant with adjika, - this time Larisa will fight in her native walls, where we will all come with our vessels, tubs, jars and pots - and chances, in general, we don't have enough. I already got everyone sick of the leg of lamb…

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