"Domashny" revealed the tragedy of middle age

"Domashny" revealed the tragedy of middle age
"Domashny" revealed the tragedy of middle age

The culmination of the serial melodrama "Such an Ordinary Life".

"Home" revealed the tragedy of middle age

For the past two centuries, women have strived to be stronger than men. First they won the right to vote in elections, then they worked as something other than laundresses, and with every decade they took on more and more responsibilities. The desire to succeed in both career and personal life is a typical desire for modern society. On the TV channel "Domashny" the serial melodrama "Such an Ordinary Life" is approaching its culmination - a simple story about a middle-aged woman who wanted to be a little weak.

In the late nineties, Larisa and Nastya opened a small beauty salon, but in the midst of the default, Stasya treacherously left her friend in trouble, married a foreigner and left for France. Meanwhile, microbiologist Irina got burned in unhappy love and locked herself in the laboratories along with her vaccines. As soon as Lara's handsome son grows up, modest Ira falls in love with him without memory. Stasia fled from her husband back to Russia with a small child in her arms. She asks for shelter and money from her friends, but they are not happy about the return of the fugitive.

At one point, unsolvable problems fell upon Larisa. The husband-scientist lost his place at the institute, insidious competitors dream of taking over the hairdresser. The youngest son dropped out of school and spends money in a computer club. Among other things, a longtime admirer Dmitry finally persuaded Lara to intimacy and now she is pregnant again in her 40s. “I have to deal with similar problems. Everything is somehow incomprehensible for me too: how to live on, what is love, how to save it, what is the relationship between a man and a woman. For me, this is a global issue. Larisa's experiences are consonant with me. Maybe I just got middle age ahead of time …”, - said actress Ekaterina Volkova, who played the central role in the series.

All three heroines have long formed views on life, each perceives happiness in its own way and strives to achieve it. Will they be able to forget about personal hardships even for a minute and come to the aid of childhood friends - it will become clear in the next episodes, which can be seen from Monday to Thursday at 20:00 on the Domashny channel.

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