Cover face> Mysterious Angelina Jolie

Cover face> Mysterious Angelina Jolie
Cover face> Mysterious Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has been controversial since the early 90s. Who is she - an insidious seductress or a caring mother and wife?

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In the 90s, they talked about her tendency to self-destruction and violence, and Angelina Jolie herself diligently gave reasons for talking. She spoke in detail about a difficult childhood, about suicide attempts and how her father left them when she was just a baby. And for many years he returned only to once again curse Angelina and hit her mother. It was clear to those around him: all the oddities of the young actress come from childhood. In 1996, when Jolie married actor Jonny Lee Miller, during the wedding ceremony, she wrote her name in blood on the white shirt of her beloved man. Four years later, Angelina Jolie remarried, to actor Billy Bob Thornton, and this time, during the marriage, she had a small amphora filled with her husband's blood around her neck. The men next to her changed quickly even by Hollywood standards, and Angelina herself said: “I don’t think that fidelity of spouses is a prerequisite for a happy marriage.”

However, she became much more careful in words immediately after Brad Pitt appeared in her life. As if violence and weapons began to interest her in a completely different way - she began to think about what evil they bring. And then the public had a lot of new reasons for discussion. Angelina Jolie has become a UN Goodwill Ambassador and travels to third world countries, drawing attention to the problems of the poor. She adopts children, supports disenfranchised refugees and donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to humanitarian projects designed to help countries in Asia and Africa. Pitt and Jolie have four adopted children - Maddox (8 years old), Pax (5 years old), Zahara (4 years old) and Shiloh (3 years old). In July 2008, Angelina Jolie gave birth to twins Vivienne and Knox, and shortly after giving birth, she began filming the spy thriller S alt, in which she played one of her toughest and, as Jolie admits, one of the most difficult roles. We can finally evaluate the results of this work. In July, the film "S alt" is released in Russian distribution.

BEFORE: Is it true that you read the movie script almost immediately after the twins were born?

HELL: Yes, the babies were only a few weeks old. I remember reading the script - in the bedroom, I was wearing a dressing gown, I felt so feminine and calm. And I read the script for a spy thriller that has so many fight scenes and so much movement! And I thought: "If I play this role, I will be able to achieve a certain balance." Taking a break from being a tender mommy and playing a CIA agent is no easy task. And I love challenging tasks.

BEFORE: The script was originally intended to be

the main role will be played by a man. Was it difficult for you to bring female traits into history?

HELL: I think it's even more interesting. When films are made about female spies, the story is less exciting. At least in those films in which I starred before, it was that way. The creators of S alt did not think about how a woman would act in a given situation. They reasoned like this: “What would a CIA agent do?” It is thanks to this that I got one of the most interesting roles. But, of course, there were certain difficulties in adapting the script to the character of the main character. After all, a man and a woman can react to the same situation in different ways. For example, initially the main character was married, he had a child, but only at the very end did the hero find love in his heart, and for himself and for the audience this turned out to be a big surprise. For a woman, love for a family is unlikely to come as such a surprise, and we had to work on this. It was also necessary to adapt the way the heroine acts, the way she fights.

BEFORE: Usually in spy movies, a woman is just the perfect addition to the main character.

HELL: And if they act on their own, they rely only on their charm. Not so in S alt! My character is not trying to be feminine, and certainly not trying to achieve something through sexual attractiveness.

BEFORE: Do you like the way you look in this movie?

HELL: Frankly, I don't think I've ever looked as unappealing on screen as I did in some of the S alt scenes. When people fight, it's not nice. And when you get your nose smashed, it doesn't look very nice either.

BEFORE: Is your character good or bad?

HELL: I won't tell you that. My character is accused of being a double agent and working for foreign intelligence. She has to go on the run, and the people with whom she worked side by side for many years are now becoming her pursuers. But viewers throughout the film can only guess: was she justly accused or not? Usually studios require that every film of this kind has a certain goodie so that the audience can root for him. I hope you will doubt until the very end who is good and who is bad.

BEFORE: There are scenes in the film in which the heroine jumps from the bridge into the car and climbs the ledge at the height of the 12th floor. Did you really play all this without a stunt double?

HELL: I actually did it myself. I love scenes like this! The filmmakers are well aware of what I am capable of, and if you look carefully, you will notice that there are a lot of scenes in S alt that are related to speed and height. I'm doing fine with it all and feel very comfortable.

BEFORE: But there were rumors that you were seriously injured during filming.

HELL: It is. At the very end of the film, there is a scene in which I had to break into a burning room, roll across the floor and shoot. We filmed it early in the morning, I was in a great mood. I burst into the room, firing in all directions, threw myself on the floor and hit my forehead on the rail, which was half a meter from the ground. I was given first aid right on the site, and then taken to the hospital. It turned out that there were no serious injuries, they just treated the cut and sealed it with a band-aid. We continued filming the same day. And since later in the film my nose is broken and my face is rather bruised, I didn’t even have to make up the cut. On the contrary, it looked very organic.

BEFORE: Have you ever met a real CIA agent?

HELL: I was introduced to two CIA operatives before filming, and to be honest, I was deeply shocked. These women have to hide all their lives who they really are. They live a double life and even the closest people cannot sincerely tell about what they are really doing. At the same time, both of them were short, blue-eyed blondes, so gentle and attractive. You look at such a woman and think that she is a saleswoman in a small shop or maybe a school teacher. No one would ever imagine the dangerous situations they face at work.

BEFORE: Did they tell you what was the hardest part of their job?

HELL: They said, and it also came as a surprise to me. They both believe that the hardest thing is the inability to talk with her husband about their work. That is, even their husband had to lie, can you imagine? And since women simply need emotional intimacy, they suffer greatly from this. As a woman, I understand them perfectly! When you constantly have secrets that you cannot share with your loved one, sooner or later it makes you emotionally distance yourself from him. We are so arranged that we need to take care of loved ones. But it is equally important that loved ones take care of us. And here you have nothing to share, nothing to tell. As a result, it turns out that you feel free only with your work colleagues.

BEFORE: And how do you manage to devote so much time to work, since you now have six children?

HELL: It's very simple, my husband and I take turns acting in films. If I'm working, he takes a break, and vice versa. The time when we filmed "S alt" turned out to be very happy for all of us. Older children often came to the site, climbed onto the scenery, clung to hooks and flew above the ground. They were completely delighted with everything that was happening, playing with a liquid that mimics blood. And the make-up artists painted bruises and scratches on them. The kids had a lot of fun and so did we.


Dear readers! An unfortunate oversight was made when publishing this material in the Domashny Ochag magazine. In the family of Pitt and Jolie, there are three, not four adopted children - Maddox (8 years old), Pax (5 years old), Zahara (4 years old), and Shiloh (3 years old), of course, is not the adopted child of a star couple. We apologize.

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