Interview with Alain Delon

Interview with Alain Delon
Interview with Alain Delon

The symbol of France, Alain Delon spoke about the secrets of attractiveness and elegance.

Interview with Alain Delon

BEFORE: Did you know Christian Dior personally?

HELL: Yes, I knew him for a very short time, though, because he died in the late 50s. We met before I started acting in films. For me, the House of Dior is an integral part of France, and it could not even occur to me that sometime later I would be related to it.

BEFORE: How was your meeting with the Maison of Dior now, so many years later?

HELL: This happened regardless of me! The House of Dior staff happened to see my 1966 photograph and, realizing that this was also the year Eau Sauvage was born, they contacted me. And I agreed without thinking.

BEFORE: Do you remember how this photo was taken?

HELL: She doesn't have any special story. The photo was taken in a house I rented in Saint-Tropez in 1966, it was a beautiful villa and I still regret not buying it. We spent the summer with my wife and son Anthony, who was then two years old. And then one day a photographer whom I knew well was in Saint-Tropez and stopped by me. He asked if we could take some pictures. That's all. I never imagined that these photos would become world famous.

BEFORE: When you look at this photo now, how does it evoke memories?

HELL: It reminds me first of all of the place where it was made, where I lived with my son and his mother. It was a great time, a very happy moment in my life, when I was with my family, even before the films “Pool”, “Adventurers”, “Samurai” came out.

BEFORE: All over the world you are considered a true symbol of France. Are you proud of it?

HELL: Of course I'm proud. You arrive, say, in Japan, and there a taxi driver or doorman says: "Ah, you are a Frenchman, like Alain Delon and General de Gaulle." They know General de Gaulle and Alain Delon. Sorry, but still, for a former sausage master, this is not at all bad! Recently, I received congratulations from the Chinese Ambassador to France, who writes: "With friendly feelings, A. Delon, who is considered by 1.3 billion Chinese as their favorite actor." I was really touched, because I am a very sensitive person. In Moscow, the same story. You should see what happens when I show up somewhere! But the fact is that I never aspired to become such an ambassador of France, all this came to me by itself. First of all, of course, I must say thank you to my mother, because she gave me an appearance that helped me a lot. Although I have met those people who are more likely to interfere with appearance, because only it is not enough.

BEFORE: What kind of women do you find attractive?

HELL: For me, female attractiveness is a kind of insight. It doesn't matter the color of skin or hair, but you see a woman - and there is a delightful flash! This is the attraction! I like women, but I cannot say that I am attracted to any particular type of women. There is a flash - and I say to myself: "She's great."

BEFORE: What is true elegance to you?

HELL: You can't explain what elegance is, you can only see it. For me, elegance is restraint. I know that some people definitely need to be different from everyone else, they perceive it as a game. As for me, it's just the opposite, I don't want to be recognized, I don't need to drive around in a Ferrari or wear a bow tie to attract attention. The innate, natural elegance of both men and women is simply felt!

BEFORE: What is true luxury for you?

HELL: This has nothing to do with fashion. The real luxury for me today, and at first glance it may seem strange, is my freedom. I have always been a free person, free in my actions, movements, I have always been free to do what I want, when I want, where I want, with whom I want, for fifty years now I have been doing this. That's what I once said to a journalist, to which she answered me: "Yes, it really is a luxury!"

BEFORE: Do you think ideas about masculinity have changed in recent years?

HELL: Yes, I am aware of this, especially when comparing modern cinema with what was filmed a couple of decades ago. Movies no longer have those images of eternal masculinity or femininity that I liked so much. But this is normal - one era replaces another. Masculinity in cinema, in my opinion, belongs to my era. Now the concept of masculinity is more about athletes. I am also often credited with the traits of an ideal man, and this does not bother me at all: if you like it better - good luck, if you don’t like it - it's okay …

I think it's getting less and less macho. I hear women complain that "there are no real men"! What a pity that I can not throw off twenty-five years!

BEFORE: You mentioned your age. How do you keep in great shape?

HELL: I get asked this a lot, but I'm approaching 75 years old. I will answer you this way: to keep fit, make love and drink plenty of water.

BEFORE: Is that all?!

HELL: Yes, yes! I haven't played sports for a long time. I don't know what cosmetic creams are. Do you want an example? People often say to me: “How do you manage to keep such hair?” I myself don't know how I can do it. I go to the hairdresser and he is also surprised because I do nothing to keep fit. And I don't exercise, I don't go to the spa, I don't swim, I walk a little, I walk my dogs and that's it. And besides, my doctor says I don't walk enough, I should walk more.

BEFORE: What inspires you right now?

HELL: Women. Everything I have achieved I owe to women. After all, all my life I have strived to ensure that the woman I love believes that I am the strongest, the most beautiful, the most-most. I longed to read it in her eyes! This is what has motivated me all my life. And everything I did, I did just for this.

BEFORE: Do you have any exciting plans for the near future?

HELL: Next week my daughter and I will be reading a play we will be playing together. It's a real happiness to play in the same performance with my daughter … After this, I can die in peace!

For me, true luxury is being able to do what I want, when I want, where I want

1. An iconic photograph from the 1960s used in the advertising campaign for Eau Savge Extreme Dior.

2. Moscow presentation of the fragrance.

3. Shot from the film "Asterix and Obelix at the Olympic Games".

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