What to read on vacation?

What to read on vacation?
What to read on vacation?

BOOKSHELF> On vacation, you really want books that are light, interesting and leave a long pleasant aftertaste.

What to read on vacation?

Haven't you read "The whole world is theater" by Boris Akunin yet? It's about time. Typical Akunin: a game of the mind, a little psychologism, a pinch of exoticism, five drops of history and - yes! - the root of love. We will do without details, but it seems that the writer has finally decided to establish the personal life of the characters.

Are you more interested in reading about personal life than about crime? Take the love-ironic novel by Evgenia Pasternak and Andrey Zhvalevsky "M+F". A book about adults (that is, well over thirty) people is not at all like the youth melodrama that was filmed based on it. In the novel, the story is told in the first person, more precisely, in the first two persons: male and female. Naturally, the female part was written by Evgenia Pasternak, and the male part was written by her co-author. The book allows you to trace "in real time" the quirks of male and female logic, features of perception, interpretation of events. Very vital, witty and the characters are very personal.

The duet Zhvalevsky-Pasternak wrote two more wonderful books, which are considered teenage, but are quite suitable for adult vacation reading: "Time is always good"- about how a girl from 2018 and a boy from 1980 switched places, and "The True Story of Santa Claus" - a historical and even based on real, albeit incredible facts, fairy tale about about where Father Frost and the Snow Maiden came from and why they are not going anywhere.

Yes, some technically children's books are very pleasing to adults. Many women will be happy to read the American fairy tale Patricia Rede "The Deal with the Dragon". There, one independent princess, frightened of the princess's lot (eternal balls, entertainment and the inevitable marriage with a handsome prince, with whom there is nothing to talk about), runs away and pretends that she was kidnapped by a dragon.

Another wonderful book - already grown up - is written by an Englishwoman Diana Setterfield and is called "The Thirteenth Tale". This is a neo-gothic novel that has ghosts of the past, mysterious disappearances, great love, a gloomy mansion, a thunderstorm and fainting spells. It is unlikely that you will find a book in paper form now (it was published in Azbuka in 2007), but it is on the Web.

There you can also find the story Irina Lukyanova about the difficult fate of women "Horse in a coat", published in Novaya Gazeta in a small edition, written easily and very, very recognizable. Although, of course, not everyone will agree to read on vacation about throwing between five jobs, deadlines, goofy children and a husband useless in the household: now the vacation will end and you will have to return to your same life. Then read after the holidays: the book is unexpectedly life-affirming.

For those who want something more serious on vacation, we can recommend Lilianna Lungina's Interlinear. The life story of the great translator who gave us Astrid Lindgren, the incredible story of childhood in Germany, France and the USSR, pre-war Soviet youth, maturity that fell on the thaw - this story is fascinating.

One more book - for connoisseurs of historical and educational literature. “Maintain piety for a youth… How noble children were instructed” by Vera Bokova - fascinating reading! It is written lively and witty, provided with interesting little-known facts and is still relevant today. You will learn that in the 19th century, the conversation about book novelties became an obligatory topic of secular communication. So, Emperor Alexander I himself did not read, but used the retellings of his wife, Empress Elizabeth Alekseevna.

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