Letters from readers: anti-crisis story

Letters from readers: anti-crisis story
Letters from readers: anti-crisis story

I divorced my husband. My feelings are resentment, anger, guilt, fear… and as a result, depression.

Letters from readers: anti-crisis history

I resented why no man looked at me. Until a friend said: “Lenok, look at yourself - an extinct look in which there is no life and it is written: all men are their own …”. How can someone love us without loving ourselves? But that's the way it is. A couple of years later I met a wonderful man who fell in love with me. And all the time I tormented him with the question: “Do you love me?” I proved to myself that I can still be loved. And faith in yourself … where was it? And was there at all?

This was the beginning of my anti-crisis program. What was the impetus? Awareness of your problem and the desire to change your life. And I slowly began to believe in myself! But how? After all, even a tiny success gives us this very faith in ourselves, which we oh how we lack!

But there is another "anti-crisis" recipe. Once I read a psychological article that most people are GOOD, that at the level of instinct we are ready to rush to help our “relative”. The article made a strong impression on me (thanks to the author). The next day, I walked out smiling, confident that the people around me were kind creatures. And surprisingly, the seller, it turns out, is far from being such a slut, and in the passport office they can meet halfway in paperwork. There are many such cases. Indeed, you need to stop thinking that the world and the people in it are against you!

I used to be afraid of happiness! Silly thoughts - suddenly I will be so happy that I will smooth it out, and something will happen? But in our mentality there is such a thing! We spit over our shoulders when we say we're fine. We are afraid of losing this "good". And don't be afraid. God gave us life, but we choose our own path! And what it is, only you know! I no longer want to be afraid to be happy! We have been given one life! Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy this gift.


Schedule or not?

Yesterday I made a plan for the weekend. One of the points was to sunbathe. And on Saturday afternoon I took a magazine and went to nature. But I didn't get the buzz from sunbathing at all. Everything happened according to plan, as if I worked this time, as if emotions were also planned. After that, I thought: is it worth planning?

Planning organizes is a plus. But in a well-planned life, sometimes there is no room for lightness and impromptu, for positive emotions.

We are in a hurry to do everything. After all, we are the generation of the 21st century. We live in an era of progress, in an era where it is not customary to sleep, otherwise you will miss the most interesting.

Everyone is planning and we try to keep up with everyone. Doesn't this smack of imposed public opinion, one might even call it the "standard of the century"?

The other side: writing everything down, you unlearn how to think flexibly, quickly make decisions about unplanned things.

At least I have the following conclusion: you need to plan only in areas that are initially devoid of emotions, or where there is simply no time for feelings, just a dry calculation. These are money, business, power, he alth and much more.


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