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What should I do if I am very amorous? How to react if a husband pays attention to other women?

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Question: I am amorous. For example, I met a married man, we chatted … and I lost my head. But she did not dare to destroy the family. Then she fell in love with another, he disappeared without explanation. I cried all night … I started a virtual romance, but then he admitted that he was not ready for a relationship. What should I do, I fall in love quickly and don't know how to leave?

Answer: The beginning of a relationship is the spark between you. Sometimes love lives for a moment or a day. But sometimes it becomes a love that lasts for years. Do you have to say goodbye to some relationships in order to move on?

You know how to start a relationship. But you don't know how to complete them. Casual conversation with a man, and you are already in love. At the same time, there is no real relationship, and love does not leave the heart, it’s just that they didn’t think of ending it.

  • How to do it? Tell the person you plan to end the relationship with about it. In a conversation, it is important to be sincere, thank him for the valuable thing that happened between you. At the same time, keep in mind that someone needs kind words, while another needs the opportunity to occasionally chat with you over a cup of coffee.
  • The reproaches, accusations and "duty phrases" that are not passed through the heart do not work. If you leave for another person, then when parting, do not tell your former lover about a new hobby.
  • What else do they need? We need to give him something really needed - "at parting". For example, you had an affair on the Internet. You can be generous and give a friend when parting, for example, a paid account on a social network. The main thing is that this gift is enough for him. And for you, it was not ruinous!
  • It's important not to cling to his feelings. When you leave, leave! A slightly more strict facial expression, restraint - show him new boundaries. In any case, being a good girl in such a situation will not work.

If the relationship was virtual or long in the past, when you can’t talk to your lover, you can end it symbolically.

Write a letter saying you want to let him go. Describe how you appreciate the good things that happened between you. Then you can burn it or bury it, send it to the sky in a balloon or let it float along the river.

After that, just let go of this person and the relationship that binds you. And live freely!

AThe algorithm is short. Be sincere. Appreciate the past. Be open, but do not cling to the feelings of a former lover. Draw new boundaries between you and let go in peace.

Question: How do I react if my husband pays attention to other women in front of me?

Answer: 1. Hold the territory. Guard what you consider yours. You saw interest in another in the eyes of your husband, go up to him, hug him, tell her about the children. Without reproaches and dissatisfaction, show determination to defend "your own".

2. Be a couple. You are a couple. And don't let anyone between you.

3. Understand why he is looking at others. Do you control his every move, don't appreciate what he does? He will notice others, thereby putting you in your place. After all, he does not feel like a man next to you. So appreciate what he does. Accept his interest in others, because if they are interested in him, and he is yours, then this is a recognition of your feminine power!

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