How to get away from time pressure

How to get away from time pressure
How to get away from time pressure

We are used to doing a lot of things at the same time - and not doing anything. Always running out of time…

How to get away from time pressure


If you feel like you have a lot to do and you think you can't handle it, make a list. Highlight the most urgent ones that cannot be moved to tomorrow. If we do not make a list of priority tasks, then it will be difficult for our psyche to cope with the problems and worries that we have planned for ourselves. After all, she does not know the true content of the tasks that we set for ourselves - this is subject only to our logic. The psyche evaluates their importance according to our emotional attitude towards them (tasks and deeds).

So the next step is to review our list. Think about which things are the most important. Which of them can you entrust to your husband or other relatives? Figure out whether it really depends on you whether your plan will be implemented or not? After all, if we are talking about a business project, then, as a rule, partners and colleagues take part in it. Why not use this method of load distribution in the family as well? This is where family and friends can help. After all, we often take on an unbearable burden that is not our own problems and responsibilities, believing that only we can resolve them, thereby driving ourselves into a dead end.

In general, evenly distribute the load in the family. And you can get started on your to-do list.

Get together at the right moment

How to regain a sense of peace in a modern metropolis, given that slowing down, living more slowly will not work? But even in an extreme situation, we need to remain calm, feel our strength and be in balance with ourselves. It is difficult, it is easier to succumb to hysteria and psychosis. And in this state, we cannot think about matters and problems that require a rational approach. After all, all our strength and time are spent on experiencing this storm of emotions. It is worth learning to cope with an explosion of feelings and set yourself up in a rational way - this is an invaluable skill that will help us get together at the right time.

Switch from emotions to logic

You can stop being nervous if you "connect" … the left hemisphere of our brain, which is responsible for logical thinking. After all, at the moment when we are overwhelmed by emotions, we are dominated by the right hemisphere, in whose jurisdiction they (emotions) are. But sometimes it’s enough to say one or two phrases to yourself to switch. For example: "I need to think about this" or "I need to consider this situation." And then our brain starts to think, thinking turns on. But, being in the power of feelings, we often forget about these phrases. In this case, you can write them down on stickers and stick them, say, on the refrigerator in the kitchen or in the office on your desktop, or you can put them in your pocket to always have at hand.

If you can't immediately become rational and collected, don't be upset. After all, no one has been able to rebuild their thinking in one day. Moreover, we absorb these switching skills from childhood from our parents.

In general, a tendency to haste, fussiness - these are character traits formed in the parental family. The cause of our worries, which we experience in time trouble, when we are nervous, in a hurry, afraid that we will not be able to cope with all matters, should be sought in childhood. This means that our parents were overly strict and demanding with us, raising the bar. For example, a five-year-old boy was asked like a ten-year-old teenager. In such conditions, the child ceases to be himself, he tries to meet the excessive demands of his parents, constantly feeling the need to be praised. His self-confidence directly depends on the strict assessment of adults. An insecure adult grows out of such a child, who is always in a hurry, fussing, trying to reach the bar that his parents set. As adults, we see ourselves through the eyes of our parents.

Achieve balance

Relieve emotional stress is not difficult: you can walk or drink tea, talk on the phone … It is enough to change the field of activity. One of the effective ways to achieve balance is meditation. To do this, you need to retire, find a place where no one will disturb you. Sit down, relax, close your eyes and imagine that you are on the seashore or in a forest clearing … In general, where you would like to be at the moment. Then try to see the shape and color of blades of grass, leaves on trees, wet pebbles or sand. Try to hear the sounds of the surf, the cries of birds, the rustle of branches and feel the smells - the aroma of herbs and flowers … Fill up with the energy of this place and your feelings. Then slowly return to real life. Take three deep breaths, open your eyes. Try not to make sudden movements.

If overwhelming emotions interfere with a sober assessment of the situation, you can seek the help of a psychotherapist who will help balance emotions and thoughts.

The question arises, is not banal laziness the very ability to relax, not in a hurry? This is not entirely true. We call laziness a state in which there is neither strength, nor energy, nor motivation for active actions. Rather, it is worth striving for that feeling of lightness, soaring, when there is a lot of work, but everything works out, everything works out, and we are full of strength and enthusiasm. In general, when everything goes like clockwork.

Feel the joy of doing it

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