Mirror of the soul

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Mirror of the soul
Mirror of the soul

Reflection in the mirror is the litmus test of our mood. What to do to please yourself always?

The mirror of one's heart

When we cross the threshold of the 25th anniversary, the first signs of aging appear precisely in the eye area. Why? The skin around the eyes is very delicate and sensitive, its thickness barely reaches 0.5 mm. More than any other part of the face, it is exposed to external factors such as UV rays, pollution, air conditioning and adverse environmental conditions. In addition, this area is protected by only 20 sebaceous glands per square centimeter, while in other areas of the face there are almost 800. But that's not all. Our eyes perform a powerful intense load every day.

If we multiply the number of times we blink by the full range of emotional expressions (smiles, eyebrow movements, signs of sadness, squinting, and a host of others), you get more than 85,000 muscle movements in the eye area in one day! Unsurprisingly, the area around the eyes gives away a woman's age the fastest and gives us the most discomfort.

Signs of age

To prevent the appearance of age-related changes, the skin around the eyes should be looked after regularly, starting from the age of 20. With age, the area under the eyes requires not only active hydration, but also good nutrition. After all, external irritants, as well as the sun, smoke and bad ecology cause a weakening of the network of collagen and elastin fibers. As a result, the look becomes dull, dark circles and puffiness appear under the eyes, which not only look ugly, but also give the face a frustrated and tired expression, noticeably aging it. When the reflection in the mirror does not satisfy a woman, she is ready to take the most drastic measures - injections or blepharoplasty. Of course, these procedures will give the desired result. But why expose yourself to surgery when you can find the right medium-

a product that will help reduce wrinkles, moisturize, reduce dark circles and smooth crow's feet.

Modern products not only help to significantly reduce swelling and dark circles under the eyes, but also promote skin regeneration and rejuvenation. Pay attention to creams containing amino-peptides - they restore the level of collagen in the cells, which leads to a strengthening of the skin structure and a noticeable smoothing of wrinkles.

Vitamin boost

In the care of delicate skin around the eyes, you can not do without products based on vitamin complexes. They are highly effective: they enhance the processes of natural regeneration of the delicate skin around the eyes and visibly smooth out crow's feet and mimic wrinkles. For example, provitamin B5 combats dryness and dullness of the skin surface, while vitamin E has antioxidant properties, allowing the skin to effectively resist negative external influences.

Speak to a specialist, choose the right product and enjoy your reflection in the mirror and skin that will become younger, smoother and full of life every day.

The cream must contain:

  • Caffeine.

Increases blood microcirculation in the skin. Reduces puffiness around the eyes, restores the protective layer of the skin and eliminates peeling.

  • Vitamin E, carnosine and green tea extract.

These are excellent antioxidants that can reduce the appearance of bruising and swelling under the eyes.

  • Vitamin B3.

Improves texture, combats dryness and dullness of the skin surface.

  • Provitamin B5 and glycerin.

Keep water in the upper layers of the skin.

  • Cucumber, chamomile and licorice root extracts.

Have the ability to "revive" the skin around the eyes, as well as visibly reduce bags and dark circles under the eyes.

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