Feng Shui Tips: The Most Important Thing

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Feng Shui Tips: The Most Important Thing
Feng Shui Tips: The Most Important Thing

We need to worry more about the spiritual and the things that can't be bought.

Feng Shui Tips: The Essentials


Ace was born in Thailand. As a child, she lived in Russia with her parents, who worked as radio announcers. She finally moved to Moscow in the 90s and gradually learned to live in crazy Moscow in an oriental way - measuredly and slowly.

In Thailand, the approach to many things is still different from the European one, and I can say that oriental education helps me a lot in life. It seems to many that Eastern people are more calm and aloof, but this is a stereotype. We are just as emotional, we are just taught from childhood not to show our emotions. Everyone has internal contradictions, but for some they manifest themselves outwardly, but for me, outwardly, everything is quite calm. I think that in order to be able to enjoy life, one must first of all be calm about losses and failures. Society imposes this approach on us: if you do not have certain things, you are a loser. But after all, it is beneficial for society that you be active and succeed in everything, even to the detriment of your own life. Especially the manufacturers whose products you buy. If you didn't buy something, you just didn't put some of your money in the manufacturer's pocket. But nothing terrible happened!

I think we should worry more about the spiritual, and about those values ​​that cannot be bought. In my opinion, it helps in many situations not to rush, not to make rash decisions and not to chase ghostly values ​​imposed from outside.

I notice that the rhythm of Moscow is completely crazy, but I live differently. But I managed to build my schedule in such a way in order to live harmoniously in a disharmonious world. The most important advice is this: moderate your desires, and everything will be much easier. You need to prioritize for yourself and, possibly, give up something. Ask yourself the question: is the result worth the effort that I have to spend?

It seems to me that the most important and interesting thing is to work on yourself. A modern woman has so many stages in her life, she lives through so many things! The woman got married - and changed. Has given birth to the child - has again changed. The children have grown - and she is changing again. One path is completed and a new stage begins. Not long ago, my son graduated from high school and left Bangkok to study at the university. Friends ask: “How are you without him? You must be really bored?" But I do not suffer, because for two years I have been preparing myself for the fact that he will leave. I repeated to myself that he needed to study, I should let him go and live my life, not worry about trifles and not call every day. Very often I see from my son's friends that this parental importunity is just the lack of a life of their own. I consciously worked on myself for two years, and it paid off.

In Thailand, the family is still the main value. Traditions (which in Europe are considered discrimination) have never been interrupted: the functions of a man and a woman in the family are the same as many centuries ago. Children are brought up to respect the woman - as the keeper of the hearth and mother - and the man - as the breadwinner of the family. Men and women fulfill the obligations of nature. If a man does not take responsibility for the family, he is considered inferior. I have not heard that in Thailand a man left his family and never again was interested in his own child. It still amazes me how often this happens in Russia!

Feng shui techniques also help to harmonize relations in the family, because by and large they are all aimed at making people living in the house feel good together. There are a lot of rules, but the most important thing is: be attentive to your loved ones, attach importance to home - and relations with the outside world will also improve.

Many believe that the most important place in the apartment is the living room. But in fact the main rooms are where you sleep and eat. For harmony in the house, arrange your bedroom and kitchen correctly, and then everything else. If you have only one room, do not make it a living room, do not sleep on a sofa bed. You will still receive guests in the kitchen. And the most important thing in your life is not the guests, but you yourself. Guests come temporarily, they may not be at all. Treat yourself and your loved ones with respect, and you will notice how your life changes.

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