Cleansing the body

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Cleansing the body
Cleansing the body

What is a body cleanse or detox really?

Cleansing the body

Modern rhythm of life, endless stress, which doctors so insistently recommend us to limit, environmental degradation, poor diet - all these factors inevitably affect the state of our body. Increasingly, doctors say that the cause of our diseases is the pollution of the body, as a result of which its autointoxication begins, that is, self-poisoning. The result is constant fatigue, premature aging, excess weight. At the same time, the concepts of “slags” and “body pollution” have already become so firmly established in our everyday life that no one pays attention to their populist nature, which has nothing to do with professional medicine. Only lazy people do not write about cleansing the body, and hydrocolonotherapy is already perceived as an undeniably useful, almost aesthetic procedure. All this is the reverse side of popular scientific knowledge, which becomes available to the layman in a highly distorted form.

What is actually the cleansing of the body? In professional medicine, there is a more correct definition for it - detoxification of the body. It is a set of MEDICAL procedures prescribed individually, depending on the he alth problems identified in a person. Professional doctors should supervise the course of the program. Otherwise, the procedures of a seemingly banal “cleansing” risk not only being meaningless, but can cause serious harm to he alth.

What you need to know about home cleansing

Many people are engaged in "cleansing" at home, for example, the liver dubage procedure is very common. It is believed that this is a very simple and "harmless" technique. This is a dangerous delusion! Usually, the doctor prescribes this procedure for hypokinesia of the gallbladder, for chronic constipation, since the filled intestine contributes to the stagnation of bile in the bladder. Before carrying out this procedure, a doctor's consultation is necessary, since not everyone can do a blind dubazh. One of the main contraindications is gallstones, the presence of which many may simply not be aware of. When the motor function of the gallbladder is activated, the stones can move and block the lumen of the bile duct. In this case, emergency surgery is no longer necessary. You can not carry out this procedure with a duodenal ulcer. Excess bile flowing into the intestine will irritate its mucous membrane and contribute to the progression of the disease.

Another "simple" home procedure is an enema. Despite the seeming simplicity of carrying out, this procedure may not only not bring the expected benefit, but in some cases cause harm. Few people know that this procedure has a lot of contraindications! Contraindications for setting cleansing enemas are acute inflammatory and erosive and ulcerative lesions of the colon mucosa, some diseases of the abdominal organs, colon tumors, and cardiovascular insufficiency. But many of these diseases develop gradually and can be almost asymptomatic.

What are the consequences of pseudo-cleansing methods?

Colon hydrotherapy, which is now popular, can not only not be useful, but also cause irreparable harm to the patient's he alth. The method threatens with the most serious dysbacteriosis, since during the procedure, not only harmful, but also beneficial bacteria are washed out of the colon. The intestinal microflora is restored very, very difficult. And who has ever used this procedure passed a preliminary medical examination for contraindications? The result of the arbitrary use of this procedure in persons with contraindications may be, for example, intestinal bleeding, rupture of the intestinal wall, intestinal atony, leading to chronic constipation. But the main thing is that the method of hydrocolonotherapy is simply … ineffective. Only part of the large intestine is affected. It is impossible purely anatomically to “cleanse” other parts of the intestine with this method. Meanwhile, often the root of the problem lies precisely in the small intestine.

Where to start?

You should start with detailed individual testing. With it, you can identify all significant risk factors for each person. Based on the results obtained, an individual clinical picture is revealed. We are not able to answer the question: "How polluted is my body?". But we are able to assess the presence of systemic functional failures in the body, which can be eliminated by a set of consistent detoxification measures. And for everyone this complex is different. The most effective is the complex detoxification of the body, which cleans the gastrointestinal tract, liver and lymph.

Stages of cleansing.

Lymph and its role in cleansing the body

We all know about arterial and venous circulation, but few realize that there is also lymph circulation or lymph circulation.

The importance of the lymphatic system for he alth and physical condition, the level of vitality and, finally, a beautiful figure can hardly be overestimated. The lymphatic system performs many functions, and one of them, for example, is protective, when the lymph acts as a kind of barrier, protecting the body from diseases and infections. But the primary importance of lymph circulation is the cleansing of the body from decay products. Lymph collects excess fluid, decay products and other substances from the intercellular space and delivers them to "filtration stations", or the so-called lymph nodes, which are located throughout the human body. Lymphatic vessels drain into two large veins located close to the heart. Thus, the lymph returns to the bloodstream, where it is further processed and delivered to the excretory organs. This is why the lymphatic system is also called the waste management system.

Unlike the circulatory system, where the blood is driven by contractions of the heart muscle, the lymph circulation system does not have such a central "pump". Lymph movement is provided by muscle contractions. If the rate of lymph circulation is slowed down for any reason, accumulation and stagnation of interstitial fluid occurs in the tissues. In places where the flow of lymphatic fluid is especially slow, such as in the pelvis and thighs, congestion provokes the formation of cellulite.

Efficient outflow of lymphatic fluid is the number one task not only to prevent the formation of cellulite, but also for the normal functioning of the body as a whole.

A proven way of cleansing the lymphatic system is the Walker-Godelman method: a mixture of grapefruit, orange and lemon juices heated in an infrared sauna, while the patient is on a special diet.

Liver cleanse

In a he althy body, the liver filters out bilirubin, cleansing the blood. With bile, it goes into the duodenum and then is thrown out of the body. But due to the use of dairy products, broths, alcohol, the liver loses the ability to ideally perform this function: part of the bilirubin remains in the blood, and part settles on the walls of the bile duct. Green bilirubin stones crystallize in the ducts, in the gallbladder.

Such a disturbance in the functioning of the liver is the cause of many diseases. Unfiltered bilirubin is carried throughout the body through the bloodstream. Together with other unnecessary products, it blocks the exits from the endocrine glands in the blood vessels. Do I need to talk about the importance of a liver cleanse?

For the procedure you need lemon juice and olive oil. In the morning, the intestines are washed. It is important that the patient is under the supervision of specialists at this time. After 3-5 hours after the start of the procedure, the process of removing "toxins" from the body begins - sorbents are used for this. All day the patient is on a special diet, eliminating the load on the liver. Subsequently, softened green bilirubin stones of various sizes and cholesterol plugs can be found in the stool. By the number of stones that have fallen, you can determine the current state of the liver.

Correction of intestinal microflora

Practically all diseases begin with disturbances in the ratio of microorganisms in the intestines, and these disturbances arise from many factors: stress, environmental problems, quality and diet, any chemical treatment, etc. Dysbacteriosis is primary, and against its background gastritis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, and many skin diseases develop. As you know, beneficial bacteria (bifidobacteria and lactobacilli) “sit” tightly on the intestinal wall. "Bad" microflora (fungi, clostridia, cocci, etc.) is located in the intestinal lumen - this is the cavity flora. Very often, the number of "bad" bacteria is much greater than the "good" ones. This condition is called dysbacteriosis, which now occurs in more than 90% of the population.

There is a new method of colon cleansing, in which both the large and small intestines are subjected to deep detoxification. It is used, for example, in the Moscow clinic "City Resort". In the process of detoxification, "bad" microbes that are in the intestinal cavity are excreted through the rectum, and "good" microbes that are firmly attached to the intestinal wall are not washed out. On the contrary, they begin to multiply intensively, since nutrients for them enter the body. For this, a special saline solution is used, which in its composition fully corresponds to the internal environment of the small intestine. This is extremely important, since absorption from the intestine occurs only at certain values ​​of the composition of its liquid contents. The balance and constancy of the internal environment is always perceived by the body naturally. S alt enteral solution passes through the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines, picks up toxins and removes them through the rectum. This method is currently not only the most effective, but also the most gentle for the body. So, before doing a cleansing, consult with experts so that it really benefits you.

Indications for complex detoxification of the body:

  • diseases of civilization: stress, physical and emotional exhaustion, chronic fatigue;
  • exotoxicosis, endotoxicosis;
  • diarrhea;
  • allergic diseases;
  • alcohol abuse, alcoholic pancreatitis, hepatitis;
  • chronic gastritis;
  • intestinal dysbacteriosis;
  • biliary dyskinesia;
  • chronic bronchitis, frequent colds;
  • obese, overweight;
  • diabetes type II;
  • skin diseases: acne, furunculosis, eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, neurodermatitis, generalized herpes infection, erysipelas;
  • insomnia, migraine;
  • after a course of antibiotics, food poisoning, holidays in hot countries (tourist diarrhea);
  • preparation for planned operations, for irrigo- and colonoscopy.


  • feeling light;
  • he althy skin color;
  • growth of energy, increase in immunity, vitality, sexual and creative opportunities;
  • activation of the mechanisms of self-regulation and self-healing;
  • optimization of all body systems: cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous, endocrine;
  • normalization of the vitamin and microelement composition of the body;
  • improvement of metabolic processes and, as a result, weight loss and body shaping;
  • restoration of beneficial microflora of the body;
  • the body is rejuvenated without the help of plastic surgeons;
  • feeling the joy of a full and harmonious life.

Questions to the specialist

Chief Physician of the City Resort Clinic, Ph.D. S. VINOGRADOV

1. Is weight loss possible after a comprehensive detox?

Reducing body weight by 10-15% of the initial values ​​is a very real task, but not immediately, but gradually, over 2-3 months. But, if dietary nutrition or therapeutic fasting is prescribed simultaneously with the course, the results will not be long in coming. It is also helpful to increase physical activity. The effect obtained as a result of applying our method turned out to be very interesting: patients noted a change in food addictions - the craving for carbohydrate foods, including sweets, disappeared. At the same time, they indicated that they not only had a natural need to consume the products recommended by a nutritionist, but also simply enjoyed their use. At the same time, their appetite became moderate.

2. What result to expect?

After the course improves metabolism and overall he alth. There is a decrease in weight with its excess. Improves the functioning of the kidneys, liver and other body systems. Sleep improves, immunity increases. The skin becomes more elastic, and the face acquires a he althy and fresh look. It is highly likely that after the course there will be a desire to go in for sports, such as swimming, or a couple of fresh ideas will visit you, as well as inspiration and energy to implement them.

3. What other areas of medicine use this technique?

We use our technique not only for weight correction, but also in the treatment of various pathologies, such as psoriasis, acne, bronchial asthma, seasonal diseases, dysbacteriosis, hepatosis, increased cholesterol levels, and as a result, increased risk development of heart diseases and many others.

4. What is a contraindication for the program?

Like other methods, there are contraindications. First of all, these are gastrointestinal bleeding caused by an ulcer or gastritis, it is also contraindicated in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.

5. What do cosmetology and complex detoxification have in common?

Skin is a mirror of the body's internal environment! Therefore, by cleansing the body of toxins and toxins, we thereby cleanse the skin. Metabolic processes in the body are normalized, and the skin becomes he althier. We especially recommend taking a course of treatment before cosmetic procedures and operations, which is associated with a multiple improvement in the result of the work of a cosmetologist.

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