Volochkova getting married?

Volochkova getting married?
Volochkova getting married?

Anastasia says she is preparing for the wedding, and her chosen one is a Chilean millionaire named Miguel.

Volochkova is getting married?

Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova is getting married

Contradictory information comes in about the matrimonial plans of the Russian ballet star Anastasia Volochkova. Nastya herself claims that she is preparing for the wedding, and a certain Chilean millionaire named Miguel has become her chosen one.

The ballerina met him during a tour of South America. Miguel invited her to dinner, and then to the ranch, where passion broke out between them. The Chilean showed Nastya his huge stable, rolled around the local fields, and then even gave her a private plane for the tour.

When parting, Miguel gave Nastya a thoroughbred horse and paid for his delivery to Moscow. And then he promised that he would definitely come to the ballerina at home. And now Volochkova claims that the Chilean kept his promise. Even more than that - he called her to marry.

History looks Hollywood beautiful, and this was noted by numerous skeptics. According to people in the know, Don Miguel is just an extras actor whom Volochkova hired for her PR. Thanks to the story of the Chilean millionaire, Nastya is now being talked about in all the media.

Which of these two versions will turn out to be true, the near future will show.

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