Back in shape

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Back in shape
Back in shape

This summer, despite its unusual, almost endless sultryness, quickly ended…

Back in shape!

Of course, no matter how hard we tried in the resorts to eat less, move more, for the most part, it ended with a beach … a calm beach, with a book at most. And the former form was still waiting for a crack. Therefore, fitness, as a thought, tormented us even on vacation.

And almost immediately upon arrival, most of us, having unlocked our "frozen" cards, attack the fitness club with great zeal. Thinking about how to quickly put our body in order, we often forget about the sense of proportion - and this quickly resonates with our "relaxed" muscles.

Running to the doctor is stupid, saying that you wanted to tighten your body quickly? It’s even funny … You don’t want to be a “lame-legged” - goodbye heels on tanned legs? You just need a light, effective and distracting effect - just relieve fatigue, help the muscles relax. We shake out the first-aid kit - the one that was taken on holidays. Here, he is Finais. Almost like a roll-on deodorant, only it smells like a soft mint, blue color. A slight movement of the roller - and soon the strained muscle is anesthetized and relaxed! So, you need to take it with you in your bag - tomorrow again, after all, "sport"!

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