Take care of your ears

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Take care of your ears
Take care of your ears

Our hearing organ is a perfect device thanks to which we perceive the world around us and feel ourselves a part of it.

Take care of your ears!

Our hearing organ is a perfect device, thanks to which we perceive the world around us and feel ourselves a part of it. But this device is extremely sensitive and requires the most careful attitude

However, with excessive production of earwax - due to irritation with water (the so-called "swimmer's ear"), in-ear headphones or frequent attempts to clean the ears with cotton swabs - excess amounts of wax can no longer be removed naturally and are deposited in ear canal, forming over time wax plug. Moreover, when self-cleaning the ear with the help of cotton buds (or matches with a cotton wick), sulfuric masses are pushed to the eardrum - and instead of cleansing, we only “remove” sulfuric plugs from the field of vision. For the time being, the cork may not manifest itself, even if 1% of the “lumen” of the auditory canal remains, but when water (especially sea water) enters, the cork swells and causes extremely unpleasant sensations: headache, dizziness, hearing loss, nausea and even vomiting.

Other causes of excess sulfur formation:

• Hereditary predisposition to increased sulfur formation.

• Narrow and sinuous shape of the ear canal.

• Inflammation of the skin of the ear canal.

• Foreign bodies, dust particles entering the ear canal.

• Metabolic disorders (eg diabetes)

Emergency aid

To remove earwax and prevent the formation of wax plugs, experts recommend a modern hygiene product Remo-wax. It effectively dissolves any accumulations of sulfur, while normalizing its production and additionally protecting the skin. Remo-Vax does not contain aggressive substances and antibiotics, therefore it can be used by both adults and children, even in the presence of allergic and skin diseases. Remo-Vax contains emollients - allantoin, liquid lanolin, mink oil, which soften the sensitive skin of the ear canal, promote the separation of dead cells and inhibit the growth of bacteria. It is enough to use Remo-Vax 2 times a month to reliably protect your ears and avoid wax plugs.

Remo Wax especially recommended:

To little children;

Elderly people with hearing loss, especially hearing aid wearers;

People who use players with small in-ear headphones;

For swimmers and divers;

To everyone who takes proper care of their ears and their hearing.

Additional information can be obtained on the website www.remowax.ru, and also ask a question to a specialist.

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