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For soul and soul
For soul and soul

Not only the skin of the face, but also the skin of the body needs proper cleansing.

For soul and soul

Not only the skin of the face, but also the skin of the body needs proper cleansing - after all, thoroughly cleansed skin is more susceptible to the effects of beneficial ingredients.

Many people buy gels and other shower products on the basis of “what the eye has stopped at”. Error! Like facial cleansers, they are usually geared towards specific skin types and characteristics. For dry, for example, moisturizing gels and cream-gels containing a large amount of oils (palm, olive, wheat germ) are suitable. They help to saturate the skin with moisture, provide effective, but gentle cleansing.

The skin of the body is rarely as oily as the skin of the face. However, if pimples appear on the shoulders or back from time to time, take a look at the anti-inflammatory gels. The leaders here are products with citrus essential oils, calendula and aloe extracts, panthenol.

There is a class of products for mature skin that has begun to lose elasticity. Of course, you should not expect the same effect from the gel as from creams and masks. However, by combining all these tools, you can get a pronounced and quick effect. Give preference to gels with antioxidants (vitamins E and C), almond oil, seaweed. And don't forget to lightly massage the skin with a washcloth while taking a shower.

Once a week it is necessary to use a peeling, which you need to choose, focusing on the structure of the skin. “Scrubs with large abrasive particles are suitable for denser ones, and fine ones for thin and sensitive ones. The following can act as an abrasive (exfoliant): s alt, sugar, fruit seeds, nut shells, etc. S alt peels saturate the skin with minerals and promote the healing of micro-inflammations; sugar - create a sweet and sour environment, promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, - says Alexander Grachev, training manager at Babor. - The use of peeling is not only an aesthetic moment of body skin care, but also the prevention of aging. By peeling, we cause a microtrauma to the skin, which provokes the growth of new cells, which means that the process of natural rejuvenation is underway.”

Body products provide intense hydration and nourishment for soft, supple skin:

EYE MAKE-UP REMOVAL: Mascara and shadows

Correctly removing mascara is also a whole science. Start mastering it by choosing the right tool. It is desirable that it contains provitamin B5, plant extracts (Instant Eye Makeup Remover, Dior; All Mascaras!, Helena Rubinstein) - in this case, delicate eyelids will feel comfortable. Remove makeup with cotton pads - put the pad on the eye, hold for 30 seconds and remove makeup. Avoid rubbing your eyes too hard to avoid stretching the delicate skin. And remove makeup completely, otherwise the smallest particles will irritate the mucous membrane.

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