Facial cleansing

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Facial cleansing
Facial cleansing

Everyone knows how to use gels and foams for washing. What about milk?

Facial cleansing

Apply the gel to wet skin, rub in a circular motion until foamy, then rinse. You should not leave funds on your face even for 5 minutes - with a high degree of probability you will not get effective cleansing, but irritation from alkali. If you feel that it was not possible to remove all cosmetics and impurities at once, repeat washing, and then proceed to moisturize the skin.

Do I need to use gels twice a day? It all depends on the degree of oiliness of the skin. If the sebaceous glands are active, washing in the morning will help remove the waste products of the cells and prepare the face for applying the cream. For normal facial skin, it is enough to rinse with cool water and use lotion to cleanse.

The use of milk raises much more questions. The main one is whether such a cleansing is enough or is it necessary to use additional water after make-up removal? According to cosmetologists, this is not necessary if you do everything according to the rules.

Rule 1. You can't remove all makeup and sebum at once. In a good way, you need to thoroughly wipe your face with a cotton pad soaked in milk, then blot with a dry cloth, and then apply milk again.

Rule 2. After milk, be sure to use a cleansing lotion. It is he who is responsible for cleaning the pores and removing dead cells. You can use products with a small percentage of fruit acids - the skin will not only become smooth, but also acquire a he althy color. Do not forget that all such cosmetics should be prescribed by a specialist. And such products are unlikely to suit sensitive skin.

Rule 3. Be careful with makeup remover sponges and sponges. It is safest to remove cosmetics with cotton pads, which do not collect bacteria, unlike "reusable" tools. If cotton wool doesn’t please you with something, do not forget to regularly rinse the sponges - the most ordinary soap will do for this. It is advisable to store them in a special closed container to avoid dust settling.


The facial skin cleansing procedure should be carried out at least once a month. The procedure "Deep cleansing" (Center for Medical Cosmetology "Petrovka Beauty") begins with washing with a gel with fruit acids (glycolic, salicylic). Then a light peeling is applied to the skin - it allows you to soften the upper stratum corneum. After that, keratinized cells are removed from the skin surface using a hardware method (ultrasound or Jet Peel). Finally, a serum is applied to cleansed skin, which is selected according to skin type.

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