Heroine of the month: Anastasia Savosina

Heroine of the month: Anastasia Savosina
Heroine of the month: Anastasia Savosina

Actress Anastasia Savosina starred in the television series "There Was Love", based on Valeria's book "And life, and tears, and love."

Heroine of the month: Anastasia Savosina

Actress Anastasia Savosina played a major role in the television series "There Was Love", based on Valeria's autobiographical book "And life, and tears, and love."

DO: Nastya, you played Valeria in the film “There Was Love”. Was it difficult to cope with the role of our contemporary?

AC: I must say right away that the names in the film have been changed, and I am not playing Valeria, but the singer Anna Perfilova, and her husband and producer's name is Andrei Shuisky. Perhaps my most serious experience associated with working in the film is the huge amount of attention associated not so much with my person, but with the personality of Valeria. As an actress, I have never experienced anything like this. Let's say I was an intermediary of attention directed to Valeria, who is known and loved by many, who has her own fan clubs … Frankly, with such attention from the press and fans, it was very difficult to work. The guys from Valeria's fan clubs are still contacting me! When I personally met Valeria, she made a very favorable impression on me. I've always liked her. I remember she had a video for "Airplane" - one of her first appearances. It was very stylish and beautiful. She was already different from everyone then, and we tried to convey this in the film. Valeria and Shulgin had an English-language disc, they went to Riga to write albums and were very different from the pop groups of that time - "Tender May" or "Combinations". It seems to me that it was still a very successful experience for the singer and producer. I don’t know how Valeria evaluates it now, but I see it that way. But by and large, I did not play the singer Valeria, but a girl who achieves success. For me, it was a difficult and interesting fate of a strong woman, whom I respect very much. I thought more about the character of my heroine than about the real Valeria.

BEFORE: Do you really look like the real Valeria?

AC: I think not. Naturally, the make-up artists and my stylist did a great job. It is more difficult to talk about internal qualities, but, probably, there are coincidences. I am a very principled person, like Valeria. I hold on to my principles, and, by the way, the fate of Valeria, in my opinion, is a real confirmation that it is worth fighting for your principles, because only in this case you can realize your dreams. She did not have a cloudless life, nevertheless, Valeria was able to achieve a lot, she found her man. Valeria and Iosif Prigogine are a very beautiful couple. When they came to the set, everyone followed them on their heels. It’s really impossible to break away from them: they have such amazing energy! Now I understand very well how important it is to find your man, because recently it happened to me too - I found my man.

BEFORE: Have you thought about what you would do if you were a famous singer who is being abused by her husband?

AC: Of course I thought about it. There are things in the book and in the script that are not very clear to me. For example, I could not understand why Valeria lived for ten years with a man who treated her this way. I have never had such situations in my life, and I cannot rely on my own experience here. It’s hard to say how I would behave in this situation, but I think it’s different. Everyone has their own way, but I probably would not endure ten years. I can't live without male support. I believe that a woman should belong to her man, be under his wing. Again, Valeria had such a dependence on him, he aroused in her both gratitude and guilt, because for a long time she believed that only thanks to him she became a singer and her dream came true. In a word, in her case there were a lot of difficult moments - and children, and work, and a husband … But she came out of this story with honor, I think you can be equal to her. I'm sorry that the film paid little attention to the present, the action is mainly about the past of the singer. I am always for the future, for moving forward.

BEFORE: How are your family relationships?

AC: In our house everyone sticks together, on Sunday everyone gathers for a family dinner, wherever we are. I can have shootings, my mother has her own business, my aunt has things to do, but we certainly get together once a week. I always have someone to come and complain to. When this is not the case in a family, I do not understand why such a family is needed. Where are you in this family then? I know that domestic abuse is a common problem in our country, but I myself grew up in a different atmosphere.

BEFORE: Like Valeria, would you be able to publicly declare problems in the family?

AC: Most likely, I would not publish such a story. If something similar happened to me, I would try to forget about everything as soon as possible. But again, it's hard for me to imagine. My family consists mostly of women - mother, grandmother, aunt…

BEFORE: And your dad?

AC: My parents divorced when I was very young. We are now communicating with him, I have a half-brother, but my parents do not support relations. My dad even worked with me during the filming of the series "There was love." If you can save a relationship, I'm in favor of keeping them. At some point, we lost touch, but then I realized that this was not my destiny, I want him back! And already at the age of eighteen I began to take conscious steps towards rapprochement. Dad in this sense, like most men, is rather timid. It is difficult for him to find words to explain something. It turned out that there was no need to explain anything. I just have a father, and that's great. He is now happy to communicate with my son, who is two and a half years old. All my life I did not have a father, but now we have found, and I am very glad about this. And besides, I found my man. Not the first time and after a series of mistakes, but now I am quite sure that we are meant for each other. After that, I even began to look at life differently. This wonderful feeling is made up of little things, but it completely changes a woman's life. It is very important for me to feel protected. Probably due to the fact that I didn’t have a father for a very long time, I want a man to be my husband, and the father of my child, and dad …

BEFORE: Do you even act together?

AC: Yes, my husband's name is Sergei Mukhin, he is an actor. And in the TV series "There was love" we played together. He had the role of Sergei, Anya Perfilova's best friend, who helps her all the time and supports her in difficult moments.

BEFORE: Do you have another beloved man in your life?

AC: Yes, there is also my son Misha, he is two and a half years old. He did not speak for a long time and is now catching up. It is important for me that he does not close himself off from the world. I believe that the character and mind in a child are laid down from birth, but the most important thing is to be open to the world, then he will not be able to grow up to be a bad person.

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