Can you turn back time?

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Can you turn back time?
Can you turn back time?

Anti-age medicine helps to find remedies that slow down the aging process.

Is it possible to turn back time?

We are talking about the prospects for the development of anti-aging medicine with ANDREY ALBERTOVICH POLIROV, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Chief Physician of the Soyuz Clinic (WWW.KLINIKASOYUZ.RU)

BEFORE: In some countries or regions, people age much more slowly, what is the reason?

AP: Let's start with the fact that nature has laid in us a life program of 120-140 years. Another question is that we do not live up to these years for many different reasons. The aging mechanism itself has a genetically incorporated algorithm. The fact that we do not live forever and sooner or later must go to another world is a normal phenomenon. Another issue is that we really die too soon. The most important factor here is the way and way of life.

Where people lead the right way of life, they live longer. What does correct mean? It's movement and proper nutrition.

To date, the longest life expectancy in Southern Japan - in Okinawa - and Norway. Two countries very distant from each other, but nevertheless similar in life expectancy. Residents of Okinawan eat mainly seafood, natural food without chemical additives, do not abuse meat products. Fish and seafood are the most balanced foods for the human body.

And in Norway, in addition to fish, which also forms the basis of the diet, there is an excellent environment, a very high standard of living, and a minimum amount of stress.

BEFORE: One fish is not enough, after all, the influence of a whole range of factors - both climate and ecology - should be felt here…

AP: Well, if we take the Murmansk region of Russia, which is not too far from Norway (at the same latitude and similar climate), then life expectancy there is somewhat lower. Psychosocial factors are also of great importance. Calmness, lack of concern for tomorrow is one of the most important issues of life expectancy and its quality. We have a large number of centenarians in the Caucasus and Cuba, but there it does not concern the population as a whole, but individual people.

BEFORE: What modern anti-age techniques are the most popular and in demand now?

AP: The issues of anti-aging therapy are relevant both in the USA and in the countries of the Old World, and for some time now in Russia. And they are relevant because there has been a clear trend towards a general aging of the population. This is especially true for Europe. The average age is getting higher, and, accordingly, the time of retirement is also moving away. And, in order to fully function, people need to be younger than their biological clock. Therefore, such a direction as anti-age medicine or anti-age therapy has been developing quite rapidly over the past one and a half to two decades, since now it is especially in demand.

According to Russian VTsIOM, up to 16 million people could or would like to use the services of anti-age medicine. Only it must be very clearly distinguished - there are two large groups. One is the means and methods of combating the external manifestations of aging. And the other is attempts to slow down the aging process itself or even reverse it.

If we are talking about the fight against the external signs of aging, then there are a lot of them: lymphatic drainage, thalassotherapy, SPA, balneology, various cosmetic techniques that allow to a certain extent to minimize the external manifestations of aging - this mainly concerns the skin and subcutaneous tissue. This direction is more accurately attributed to anti-aging cosmetology.

And the second, more serious side of the issue is attempts to stop the very aging of the body.

Today it is absolutely known that in each of our cells there is a certain gene that is responsible for cell division and regeneration. Both the possibilities and the duration of cellular reproduction are predetermined by the genetic program, and when they are exhausted, the aging process begins.

Every person has the so-called primary, stem cells, from which any cells of the body can then be formed. The maximum number of these cells in a person is at a very early age, and over time their number decreases. This is the law of nature, and if it were not respected, the world would have been inhabited by billions of people, starting from the universal flood.

The mechanism of aging today is clear and known - it is a decrease in the production of stem cells, that building material, bricks from which a variety of cells can be synthesized and regenerated. At an earlier age, when the body grows, there are more newly formed cells than dying ones, and somewhere from the age of 24–25, the processes of cell extinction begin to predominate over regenerating cells. This is due to the fact that with age, the number of stem cells in the blood decreases to some extent.

There are certain types of animals that do not have this mechanism - they have the same number of stem cells almost all their lives. These are some types of sea mollusks or green turtles. And in principle they should live forever and not die of old age. And so it happens - if they die, it is only due to illness or injury. They have no mechanism of aging and dying. Here is such an incident of nature.

And this data on the role of stem cells and the genetic basis of aging led to the fact that some time ago there was an idea that stem therapy can be used for revitalization. In order to turn back the biological clock, you need to give the body a sufficient amount of stem cells, which are not enough for building material.

Today such technologies exist, but they are at the level of a medical experiment, and those people who are engaged in stem therapy on a commercial basis are doing it illegally. There are no regulatory legal documents for stem therapy, at least in Russia. Because today the process of stem cell division is not well understood. Theoretically, there is such a possibility that by introducing stem cells to a person, this division may not be stopped, and how it will end, only God knows. Although many, including me, know that stem therapy, albeit clandestinely, is used, and in Russia as well. To do this, a fragment of the bone marrow is taken from a person, stem cells are isolated from it on special devices, which are carefully selected, and these stem cells multiply very well in an incubator.

TO: That is, a person is injected with their own cells?

AP: Yes, their own cells are introduced into the vascular bed - the human circulatory system. Experiments that were carried out with the aim of treating and regenerating individual organs showed a very high efficiency of this technique. But there is, albeit not statistically processed, but nonetheless very convincing evidence that this cellular stem revitalization really significantly slows down the aging process, and perhaps even shifts back a little bit.

BEFORE: But the long term implications of stem cell therapy are not yet known?

AP: In order to talk about long-term, you need to have a statistical base. And since the method is not legalized, there can be no serious basis. We can only talk about the impressions, opinions of various specialists who in one way or another had contact with this type of therapy.

BEFORE: What other anti-age techniques can you name?

AP: The only serious method of anti-age medicine, as I said, is cell therapy. True, it has not yet been legalized in our country, but, in my opinion, the future belongs to it.

Of the simpler, but also cellular methods, this is fibroblast therapy, cells of the deep layers of human skin, which are used in modern mesotherapy. It also gives a fairly good effect.

There have been and continue attempts to use medical genetics and hormonal effects to try to change the human metabolism in such a way as to achieve a rejuvenating effect. Such experiments were done back in the 1920s: if you remember, such experiments of Professor Preobrazhensky were described by Bulgakov.

BEFORE: "I'll transplant you ma'am with monkey ovaries…"

AP: Yes, such methods were developed when it was assumed that due to the hormonal background changes in the human body would occur, its rejuvenation. There is a rational grain in this. Of course, the ovaries of a monkey are not suitable, it must be a creature closer to a person, for example, a pig or even a person. For example, a number of anti-aging agents are made from the placenta. But, unfortunately, the methods of hormone therapy do not give a long-term effect.

Anti-aging methods include the use of various organoprotectors, phytohormones, antioxidants. For example, the Q10 enzyme is a powerful antioxidant that contributes to the overall improvement of the functioning of the body, the well-known ascorbic acid acts just as effectively - it is a good, powerful antioxidant that helps to eliminate free radicals.

BEFORE: But, taking such drugs, a person is unlikely to be able to look younger?

AP: No, of course, as I said, these processes are determined by the genotype, habitat and lifestyle. With the help of organoprotectors and antioxidants, the body will be able to function more efficiently, perhaps under the same loads, but will not look younger.

If you eat a lot of greens, fruits and vegetables and less meat, get enough sleep, get up early and run in the morning, take contrast showers and not freak out at work, then you will probably live longer and in better quality than vice versa.

Therefore, a he althy lifestyle can be called the basic basis of anti-age therapy. We dream of a magic wand, we want, without doing anything for our he alth, to take an unusual pill, make injections - and look younger. And it doesn't happen - it just can't be.


Ions of Academician Skulachev

According to scientists, the difference between the biological and true age of a person can be up to 20 years. In Russia, for example, most people are biologically older than their years.

A large project to combat aging at the cellular level is headed by Academician Vladimir Skulachev, director of the Institute of Physical and Chemical Biology of Moscow State University. He argues that aging is a programmed stage of our development, a program embedded in the genes. And the main goal of his project is to create a tool that can influence this program, change it, push back the boundaries of aging.

Skulachev's group is trying to influence the human genetic program with the help of synthetic molecules that will prevent the accumulation of reactive oxygen species in cells. According to Skulachev, our main enemy, oddly enough, is oxygen! And our cells destroy themselves, synthesizing its poisonous forms. It is they that are neutralized by a substance created by an academician in the laboratory of Moscow State University based on a plant antioxidant, which is called “Skulachev ions.”

These ions penetrate not just into cells, but into their mitochondria (the smallest "grains" in the cell), where the poisonous oxidizer conducts its destructive activity, which causes general aging of the body.

The project has only been going on for a few years, but the results have been fantastic. It turned out that mice that received a miracle substance (an insignificant amount, millionths of a milligram dissolves in drinking water), turn gray much later than their counterparts and live 25% longer. This remedy is also effective in the fight against purely senile diseases, such as retinal dystrophy.

In the Veterinary Academy in Moscow, old blind dogs, cats, horses were treated with it. Of the 13 dogs whose lens did not react to light, 9 saw the light. Vision returned to 3 out of 4 cats. Finally, the completely blind horse regained his sight.

But in his speeches, Academician Skulachev declares that he does not promise to create pills for old age in the near future, this is a matter of a very distant future.

One of the latest trends in anti-age medicine is treatment with organ preparations or ORGAN THERAPY. This is the introduction into the human body of drugs made from organs and tissues of animals. They are also called fetal, from the Latin Foetus - fruit. By its composition, fetal preparations are a balanced complex of the most valuable cellular biomolecules, extracts of the cellular contents of organs and tissues of he althy animals (fetuses and embryos of calves and piglets).

Fetal organ preparations have unique properties. Their peculiarity lies in the exceptional accuracy, that is, the targeting of the impact on the functions of a particular organ. As a result of their use in the human body, rejuvenation processes are activated, the mechanisms of inhibition of age-related changes are triggered, tumors dissolve, inflammation phenomena are removed. This leads to the restoration of the normal function of the organ or tissue, and ultimately to the overall rejuvenation of the body.

The targeting of such revitalization lies in the purposeful rejuvenating effect of the organ preparation on any internal organ that needs rejuvenation or treatment.

For example, when overweight, targeted activation of endocrine gland functions leads to physiological weight loss. Targeted activation of the liver function helps with cirrhosis, and the pancreas - with diabetes. Therefore, fetal organ preparations are used as restorers of organs and tissues, which have no equal in terms of the effectiveness of a rejuvenating effect.

The use of organ preparations also affects how young a person looks. After all, skin rejuvenation is closely related to the internal rejuvenation of the human body. The effectiveness of cosmetic programs for the care of aging skin or the treatment of problem skin will be much higher if you help the body from the inside.

Methods of use and selection of organ preparations are made by specialists in accordance with age, existing diseases or abnormalities in the body and skin condition: the doctor develops an individual program that includes a cycle of salon procedures combined with a course of internal rejuvenation and the choice of cosmetic products based on organ preparations for home care.

Programs for the prevention of premature aging with the help of organ preparations have received worldwide recognition as the most effective and promising and have become a popular service of the best beauty salons and anti-aging clinics in the world.

Many patients are concerned about the likelihood of an allergic reaction of the body and other possible complications in the treatment with organ preparations, many confuse them with stem cells. You shouldn't be afraid of this. The technology used in their production makes it possible to obtain only hypoallergenic biomolecules. In this case, not the entire cell is used, but only the cellular contents from the cytoplasm. In our many years of practice, not a single case of allergy or complication has been recorded.

In the production of organic preparations, special requirements are imposed on the environmental friendliness of the raw materials used: animals are grown on special nursery farms in Australia and New Zealand, they are fed using their own vegetable feed, chemical fertilizers are not used in the production of feed, animals are not made vaccinations so as not to disrupt the immune background. Fetal organ preparations are obtained from organs and tissues of animals approved for use in food - this is a material that is common and familiar to humans.

Initially, all organ preparations were of beef origin. However, the swept boom over mad cow disease has made adjustments to production. Now only the organs of piglets are used in the production of drugs. This is in addition to the fact that the methods of sterilization used by themselves absolutely exclude the possibility of transmitting any infection.

It can be said that today organo-revitalizers have no equal in terms of the severity of anti-aging action, the depth and durability of rejuvenation of both internal organs and skin, do not cause allergic reactions, are safe and easy to use. Their effectiveness in the treatment of severe pathology (arthritis, herniated discs, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, allergies, nodular goiter, precancer, etc.), in the immunorehabilitation of cancer patients, in the treatment of developmental anomalies in children has been proven by numerous works and studies of foreign and domestic countries.

vein scientists and practitioners.


Protein innovation

The development of life-prolonging drugs, the so-called biopeptide regulators, has been being developed for many years by a group of scientists led by Vladimir Khavinson, director of the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology of the Northwestern Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

They were created on the basis of peptides - short proteins from the thymus (this is the central organ of the immune system), as well as from the pineal gland (this is a small gland in the brain that controls the entire endocrine system) of artiodactyl animals. “Aging is a decrease in protein synthesis in the body, and by introducing peptides isolated from these vital organs, we restore the functions of the system. But we are correcting not the mechanism, but the consequences,” the scientist explains.

According to him, peptides, consisting of 2-3-4 amino acids, have been proven to regulate metabolism at the cellular level, enabling them to work the way they work in a young and he althy body. Thus, the biological and functional activity of worn out or diseased organs and tissues is restored.

Besides, according to him, peptides are completely harmless, because they consist of several amino acids already present in any organism.

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